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Saturday, January 24, 2009

The IRS and Wells Fargo

Miriam said...
To every one who is in money problem please be careful.I am a widowI Own a car 3 years old, i owe the IRS$12.000 i had a plan with then .i lost my job which i was making 60,000 yearly,i went to WELLS FARGO bank and ask them to help me they told me ok no problem.My credit was 640 then they payed out my loan $12,000 then i owe $ on the car, they told me that i would get a10percent loan i said ok, now they give me 13 percent, my loan is $618.00 per month,iam struggling to make my payment, i am working $ per month, i have a mortgage to pay and bills, i cannot go into forecloser because i need my house to live in, i try many ways to work this out but i do not have no more choice, this is how people got mess up in life, because the people are sitting right in the bank who is misleading you and destroy you,if any one can help me get rid of my problems i would be more than happy, at this point my debth to income ratio is higher than my income,i had wanted to modify my mortgage, but they say i am not qualify,my intrest rate is 6percent,i do not have a choice but to struggle,i wish if i can go on with my life but there is no one out there who can help except the president, i guess i can live on my salary if i can get my bills down by $1.000 monthly.PLEASE HELP ME I NEED HELP I DO NOT WANT TO LOOSE MY HOME

January 23, 2009 5:46 PM

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