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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Anonymous said...

No time to pursue an issue you feel you should be compensated for? Or have you exhausted all attempts to get recourse? Now there's no need to hire an expensive lawyer. Help Me Resolve is your shortcut to success and quick results. Every case is analyzed on its own merit and handled individually, with the same thorough detail that you would expect from a law firm. And you're not charged a fee unless you win! Our services go beyond writing letters, government-style consumer advocacy and 2nd or 3rd tier consumer complaint processes.

Help Me Resolve works quickly and efficiently. Our track record boasts successful outcomes in every case we've pursued for our clients, including complaint resolutions from major automobile manufacturers, car dealers, insurance companies, airlines, retail stores, and more. Professional help understanding legal issues and consumer rights is...Right Here!



With customer service almost non-existent and government agencies over-burdened, it’s time for new options that will allow you to voice your dissatisfaction with less than acceptable products and services…and get recourse. There are two new companies that can help you do just that, without the need to hire expensive lawyers.

One is, which handles phone calls with the company and writes letters to its top executives for a $25 retainer fee, plus a 33 1/3% commission if you receive any money back. Other other option is HelpMeResolveThis bypasses the tier one efforts of phone calls and letters and focuses on a more in-depth approach to reaching executives who can approve consumer reimbursement or replacement issues for customer satisfaction. While the company won’t divulge their trade secrets for accomplishing these successes, does have a flawless record of results, according to company spokesperson, April Fleishman..


Consumers who have detailed and documented issues or concerns, but don’t have the time to invest in a resolution can find an easy shortcut to satisfaction by hiring an agency. A different level of frustration comes from those who have exhausted all of their resources (and probably time) and are ready to give up on their efforts. Unless issues are small and uncomplicated, it typically takes a great deal of time and effort to achieve a successful outcome. Often, the financial investment a consumer has in a product or service is the justification to pursue a claim, but sometimes it’s simply the principle of the resolution that’s important. Either way, with the old rules of customer service rapidly disappearing, it’s time to look to new approaches.


The Better Business Bureau successfully helps in over 70% of disputes, but it doesn’t have the authority to force a resolution. The second option is to contact the office of your state attorney general through, which does have authority and will review your issue or complaint . Your most costly alternative is to hire an attorney or law firm to represent you, and in the case of very large financial issues, it may be the course to take. But with all three of these options, there is a great deal of investment and time delays in getting satisfaction.

If you decide to take on or, at least, initiate your own effort on behalf of yourself, here are some quick tips on how to effectively register or complaint or dissatisfaction.

Stay to-the-point. Don’t be too formal and don’t joke or give more information than is necessary for the reader to understand the issue.
Make the structure of the letter or email easy to follow. Use the following 4-paragraph structure:
1. This the event I'm writing about;
2. This is what happened, and how it was not resolved;
3. This is why I'm a customer worth keeping (state any repeat business, loyalty to product, etc); and
4. Here is what I want you to do to rectify the situation.
Be sure to keep Emotions, insults, and grand statements against corporations/the decline of American values/humanity in general out of the email.

At the end of the day, you should expect to receive the quality and customer service you’ve paid for. Unfortunately, however, sometimes the best way to handle a customer service disaster is to walk away from it.In deciding whether to cut your losses, weigh the time you've already spend trying to resolve the problem vs. its importance. Is it really worthwhile to spend two hours on the phone to get a copy of the daily newspaper that didn't get delivered? Simply get it resolved as best you can, quit wasting your time and move on. At that point, realize the lesson you learned and find a new vendor.

January 16, 2009 9:56 PM

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