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Saturday, January 24, 2009,

Anonymous said... has bad customer support. I did not get what i ordered, and I called back many times. Nobody seems to understand about customer service there. Also... They do not mention that most of their stuff is refurbished.

January 24, 2009 1:58 PM


  1. i ordered a blackberry storm 9530 yesterday and hey said that my debit card number is invalid so we tried it again twice and still, they say that my card number is wrong so we decided to call the bank and then the amount was already debited from my account! to top it all, we tried 3 times! so now, i'm not really sure if i'm gonna have to pay the price of that phone times three or not! i really shouldn't have ordered from that site! IT'S A SCAM!!! TO ANYONE READING THIS, I'M DISCOURAGING YOU TO ORDER ANYTHING FROM THAT SITE (

  2. I purchased some bluetooth headsets on gsmmonster's website. As soon as I entered my cell phone number I started receiving spam text messages that night. This is the first time I have ever had that happened. Beware! If you give them your cell phone number you will get spam texts.

  3. GSMMonster is one of the worst companies. I went into their location to pick up a phone and they run the website FROM A STORE! And the store isn't even labeled as GSMMonster. Needless to say, my phone was reconditioned and barely worked. They also refused to exchange it for me without a restocking fee. The manager, 'John' is purely disguting. I have never spoken to such a nasty person before and the fact that he considered himself so superior is atrocious. I would NEVER suggest them to anyone after being treated the way I was treated. What a buch of KNUCKLE HEADS.

  4. I bought two phones, broken, returned them and they refunded but took a big chunk out for restocking. It was my understanding that a restocking fee would be charged on regular returns not defective returns. It was a big mistake ordering from them. If you're thinking about placing a order, don't.

  5. I bought a t mobile tough phone and took it out of the box ,the back lid would not fit properly and after looking it over the tang was bent down so it would not let the lid sit right ,untill i heated it up to fix the problem,,then I pluged it in to charg the battery and a note came up and said unable to charge ,so now the battery is bad or the phone is bad ,not sure witch. I have to agree with the other comments that this company sells junk. sure wish there was a way to help get rid of rip off's like this.


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