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Monday, December 29, 2008

purchasing or buying an Acer computer, Faulty hardware, errors booting up

Anonymous said...
I wanted to warn people against purchasing an Acer computer. I bought an Acer notebook less than six months ago. There were problems right from the start. The batter was clearly defective, I couldn't leave it unplugged or it would lose the charge within ten minutes. Within a month of purchase, this laptop would not stay on, it would keep clicking off. I called customer service, they said I would need to send it in for repair at my own cost. Which I did. At this time I also mentioned how I thought the batter was defective as the lap top wouldn't stay charged for more than ten minutes. They said they would replace. Within a week my computer was back with the same exact problem,. Every time I booted it up, it would click off. I called customer service again, they said, oh, they didn't know but I would have to send it back once more. They would pay for it if I brought it to a specific fed ex office they dealt with which turned out to be nowhere near my home or job. When I explained this, the woman at customer service merely said, oh well, that your problem,. At my own expense I sent the computer in once more. Again within a week it was returned. This time the computer stayed on when I hit power but the programs and files took forever to bring up. This was also a problem I had mentioned. The laptop still wouldn't stay charged for more then ten minutes. After a couple of months more, the computer started acting up again. This time when I powered up, a snowy white screen would appear and then nothing. I would then need to force shut down and re-boot, sometimes repeating this process several times. I called customer service, went through everything the whole history. the guy said he would have someone call me and if they didn't reach me they would leave a direct number. One day later I did receive a phone call from Acer customer service, they did leave a phone number, unfortunately it seems no one ever answers this phone. A few voice mails later I get a call with a message saying he is very busy, but he will try and pass this on to someone else but if it's just my battery they can send me a new one. Clearly this fool never read the notes. Had no idea what the problem I was dealing with was. I have tried to call corporate with no success. I have sent a letter detailing what happened. No response.
I now will have to pay for a new laptop as this one is so inferior and only works sporadically.

Do yourself a favor if you are in the market for a new computer.


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