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Friday, December 26, 2008

Bit By Bit Farm in Elmer, New jersey

Anonymous said...
Beware of Bit By Bit Farm in Elmer, New jersey.They claim to be experienced horsemen offering boarding,riding instruction and sales.I decided to board my horse there, it is a brand new farm and is close to my home.My horse died there they did not know the signs of colic and continued to feed and hay my horse who was having a mild case of colic.The boarders are not allowed on the farm until 9 am and they throw a fit if you ask to come early even for a show and as a result they gave my horse feed and water and hay early even though Jennifer who runs the place for her boyfriend Bret said she saw my horse on the ground rolling an hour or so before she gave him his morning feed.The dripping sweat, the rolling and thrashing around ment nothing to her,she is not an experienced horsewoman or she would have known that my horse needed help not grain.When i arrived at noon and found my horse down i was told he was down rolling all morning.My horse died of a twisted gut.I trusted these people when they told me they were experienced.I have since done some research.Between the two of them they have about 5 yrs.experience owning a horse.They had no previous experience in running or owning a farm.So beware owners do some research before you trust someone to look after your animals these new farms are usually people who think they are qualified enough to run a farm.But in fact they are not.A few other horses including the owners paint horse died because of lack of care when sick.And as far as quality horses and ponies for sale Jennifer will not ride half of them so how can she say they are kid safe animals.I just want people to know they talk a good line, they even have a nice web site and the farm is new and pretty but that is about it.As for quality care PLEASE go someplace else.Or your horse could end up like mine.And yes, I could have still lost him we all know colic, but to openly admit to seeing him wet and rolling around is a sure sign something is wrong and not to ignore it,like they chose to do.So Bit BY BIT you need some more instruction your self......

December 26, 2008 6:56 AM

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