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Friday, November 28, 2008

UK British Customs

Philesha Howard said...
An experience I will never forget....
I left the U.S.A on Monday November 24th to go to London to visit a cousin for the holidays and enjoy myself...but that never happened!!! I was turned away at customs and was held there for 26 hours!!! It was so brutal and just nasty!!! When I got to the customs to cross into the country I was questioned about my reason in the U.K. I was asked how much $ I had on me and when I was planning on going back to the America.because I didnt have a return ticket. Thats when I told them that my cousin is paying for my ticket. Then they wanted to know why I wasnt providing my own ticket... thats when I told them that I saved up all my money to take this trip and my cousin knew that and thats why she told not to worry about the ticket and that she got me!! So they decided to call my cousin and asked her about the arrangements of my ticket and she told them that her uncle is getting my ticket back home because he knows someone in the airlines that can get a ticket for half the price if purchased the week before. And from me telling them that my cousin is purchasing my ticket and my cousin says that her uncle is purchasing my ticket they assumed because or stories not matching that I was lying and that I was trying to come into the country to live and then the custom agent started yelling at me and started questioning me if I was there (U.K) to find a rich husband....ummmm No!!! at that moment I broke down and started crying because of the continued harrassment and degradation of my character. I was not allowed to take a shower or brush my teeth or attend to any other personal hygeine needs for 3 whole days!!! I had to sleep on a bench and unable to use my cellphone to contact any one to inform them of my whereabouts!!! After 6 hours I was finally given permission to make one collect phone call!!! So I called my cousin who was still waiting at the airport after 6 hours and explained to her what had taked place and for her to call my mom in America. My mom is in the military and serving on active duty which made it very difficult for me to contact her and let her know at least I was still alive!!! Another thing that was unfair was that my best friend wrote me letter and mentioned that when I go to London to "Live my Life".....which means make the best of each day while Im out there! Now Americans know what that means but to them they felt as if the letter was goodbye letters and once again I was lying!!! They confiscated my personal mail, read it and made copies before returning it to me!! I strongly feel that this is an act of harrassment, prejudice, descrimination and I was violated and treated like a criminal when truthfully I did nothing wrong!!! I was turned away because of how another person who doesnt even know me felt and I didnt have a return ticket and insuffient funds!!! I was asked how much $ I had on me and because I didnt have any cash on me...which I explained because I didnt want to take the chance to lose it or get it stolen and that my mother was going to send it to me once I arrived(she worries alot) but once again they "FELT" I was lying and trying make a new life in London...which is not true!!! I wasnt suppose to be treated like was soooo awful!!! Finally after 26hours of torture and embarrassment I was informed that I was being sent back to America! The flight they put me on did not take me back home but it abandoned me 3 hours away from my place of origin!!

November 27, 2008 10:35 AM

1 comment:

  1. I hat customs too. Nice story. Sounds very unfortunate.


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