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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Dr. Heru Shango of the Bronx, NY

Anonymous said...
Dr. Heru Shango of the Bronx, NY is a fraud, his juices are nothing more than simple mixture of ginger and lemon and all spice. Age old recipes for removing toxins, this is nothing new. His product is nothing new. He charges outrageous prices for these juices that you can easily make on your own with a juicer and a book on basic nutrition and food properties. I have found him to be extremely unprofessional, not timely in his delivery of product and overall a person looking to take advantage of others. I have been foolish in not researching his credentials to see if he has any license to practice as a natural doctor. From his responses to easy health questions, I surmise that he is not that well studied. He advised things that are counter productive for my condition. This is not a matter of opinion or a natural choice versus a traditional doctor's advice, the example that I speak of was just blatant ignorance and the advice given was so far of the mark, I was shocked. After asking several more questions on various health topics, that he had no answer for or tried to belittle me for not knowing the answers, I decided to no longer do business with this witch doctor. This was the last straw after dealing with his unprofessional and difficult personality. Do not trust your health to this man! Anyone bottling juices from their home (with no health standards or regulations to adhere to) who does not have a label with ingredients and will not share what is in the cure (what about food allergies)is not someone who you should be taking drinks from. Who knows what is in the cool aid, he could very well be Jim Jones.

November 23, 2008 5:11 AM

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