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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Shelter Island Veterinary Clinic in San Diego, owned by Dr. Barbara Darnell

Anonymous said...
Shelter Island Veterinary Clinic in San Diego, owned by Dr. Barbara Darnell is the worst. She performed a tooth extraction on my dog. A few days later his mouth started to smell so I brought him back to see her. She took him in the back room for less than 5 minutes, came out and said it was nothing to worry about- that he'd be better in a few days with flushing the hole out with mouthwash and anti-biotics. I followed her instructions, and a few days later was still very worried, so I did an internet search. The day before a review had been written about Dr. Darnell in which the woman's cat had died from an infected tooth extraction site after Darnell got her hands on the cat. I called Dr. Darnell and asked if my dog was in danger of dying, she laughed and said no. She stopped laughing when I told her why I asked. I immediately took my dog to another vet who took him into emergency surgery to remove the infection. He had to drill away part of my dog's mouth bone to have enough flesh to close the hole after removing all the infected tissue. After doing an x-ray he saw that Dr. Darnell had left bone and tooth shards that were stuck to my dog's gums, yet not attached to any bone. This is what had caused the infection, and there is no way it would have healed with anti-biotics. Not only did Dr. Darnell not investigate the problem at hand, but she released confidential information about the cat who had died (first she said the cat died from a viral infection, then she wrote me an email that she had no clue how the cat died). Dr. Darnell also emailed me numerous times with other contradictory statements about my dog's health. If you value your pet's life do not go here.

May 19, 2008 10:39 PM

barbara darnell, dvm said...
This is a ridiculous website. "Click here to leave a complaint about a business"?? What the hell is that. Why don't you contact the business. As for the woman who posted the "anonymous" blog about my business. The American Veterinary Medical Board reviewed that case and determined that I treated the pet appropriately. The dog broke it's tooth A YEAR ago. If he bites things so hard that he broke a tooth, is it unimaginable that he chewed on something, his stitches came out, grass got in the socket and it got infected? Because I'm pretty sure that's what happened. I've been a veterinarian for 10 years and for a "lay person" to tell me I don't know what I'm doing is ridiculous. She is just ticked off because I wouldn't give her money back. The thousands of dollars she spent? Well, instead of talking to me, she hired an attorney. And...a petsitter everyday? I think that says more about the dog than my skills as a vet.

July 28, 2008 4:07 AM
Anonymous said...
I am the original poster of this commen, and would like to respond to Dr. Darnell's response. Dr. Darnell shows how unprofessional she is every time she opens her mouth, or hits the keys of a keyboard. I have heard from 2 other people who had the same problem I did with her, except their animals died(all within the same month). The fact that she passes herself off as an animal lover is absolutely ridiculous. My dog didn't bite ANYTHING after his surgery from Dr. Darnell, I didn't leave his side the WHOLE time. I had taken a few days off work just so I didn't have to leave him (so that is a bad excuse- especially since the GOOD vet found bone shards all throughout the extraction site). I am angry that I gave her my money (especially since she gave me misinformation about many things), I am not someone who has alot. I did not HIRE a lawyer, it was a friend who was appalled by the way vets can get away with anything nowadays, and was happy to help. And my dog NEEDED a petsitter since he couldn't be left alone for a month after the emergency surgery he had to have to fix the butcher job that Dr. Darnell performed. His new vet who performed the surgery could not believe his condition. I gave Dr. Darnell every chance she should have had. I brought him in to see her with the infection, she said it was no big deal. I called her and asked if his life was in danger, and she LAUGHED! What else could I have done but see a PROFESSIONAL who provided him with the care he needed. It sickens me that someone who has killed at least 2 animals, and who knows how many more, can still practice. Dr. Darnell has done nothing but deny and name call since this incident. I hope the word gets out on her and no other animals have to suffer.

August 6, 2008 12:08 AM
Anonymous said...
If its a ridiculous website, Dr Darnell, then why are you responding?

August 15, 2008 12:35 AM
Anonymous said...
dr darnell is a heartless b****!!!

August 22, 2008 1:23 AM


  1. Dr. Darnell complains about how ridiculous this website is & then takes the time to sit & type her own message? That's rich. Plus instaed of defending her self professionally she comes across sounding heartless, selfish & childish. I would never take one of my pets to someone like her & hope news spreads in her town about her practices; not only the substandard medical care she provides but the poor costomer service & lack of compassion she shows. When a Dr makes a mistake she should be kind & try to talk kindly to a patient/pet parent not lash out at them & further upset the situation.

  2. she is just a horrible person, do not take you dog there! i heard from a staff member that she has killed at least 5 animals under anesthesia and then she took money from a client who had mental problems and had the b***s to laugh about it. DR DARNELL< YOU NEED TO GET SPAYED SO U DON"T BRING ANYMORE BAD PEOPLE LIKE UR FAT A** TO THIS WORLD!


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