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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Regions Bank

Anonymous said...

Good morning. I'm glad to hear that you have figured out a way to cheat people out of their money while you sit on you fat pockets. May it cause a bruised rear end. The State Attorney General's office of Alabama, Texas and Florida so far, ABA, The Birmingham News, Mobile Register, Huntsville Times, ABC3340, Fox 6, Channel 13, some profitable businesses that I know bank with Regions, friends and family all have been alerted with these actions. I almost forgot, there is the internet. By the way, you must not have listened clearly to what I said in my message which took well over 24 hours for you to respond to. We went to the branch, spoke with an evidentally, incompetent CSR who gave, what turned out to be, incorrect information as stated to us by the Assistant Branch Manager and in her own words accepted blame because of what her CSR told us the day before. She also said that because of that, they were in error and said, in these exact words, "we (Regions) will take care of you". Does that mean that your organization does not honor anything nor stand behind anything that you say? Oh, forgive me, I know the answer to that. It is NO! That shows that you only care about yourselves and lining your executives pockets. Did you catch that? Your executives pockets, not even yours. All the while, killing your customers $35 at a time. Does customer service not mean anything to anyone any more? Once these practices start, for me and many others who have no way of recovering, just get deeper and deeper into your black hole and your executives get richer and richer as they think of other ways to take money from any, all and everyone they can. Also, I love this, "the computer did it". Does anyone know what garbage in, garbage out means? A computer can only do what someone tells it to do. It doesn't have a brain, as much as everyone wants to think it does, it does not. Also, in addition to no brain, it can't hear, think, feel nor do anything but what a HUMAN tells it to do. The main problem is that it's easier to say that the computer did it than to look like you care. What type of service are you providing and/or displaying when you say one thing then when you leave you do the total opposite and really show your true colors and do nothig plus, take 48+ hours to return phone calls. I had to keep calling over and over and over again to get to even speak to the Assistant Manager again. What's next, farming out calls to India or some other part of the world that does not speak English like everyone else has done?

May 8, 2008 6:51 AM

Anonymous said...
They care the least about the customers' complaints. They do not listen to the complaints at all. The Regions bank at Memphis processed unauthorized charges and cost me over $400 recently. I closed my account. Stay away from them.

August 1, 2008 8:18 PM

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