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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Land 88 Development w/ Michael Chesler

Anonymous said...
Rented w/ option to buy from a so called Land 88 Development w/ Michael Chesler in Niles, IL. Beware, he took $8000 deposit plus $400 toward our rent money was supposed to go toward down payment of house. BEWARE...DON'T DO BUSINESS WITH THIS MAN. HE IS A SCAM ARTIST. He ripped us off, now the house is in forclosure. He's still out there doing this. They can't find him to serve him papers, makes himself invisible!!!!

May 2, 2008 7:37 AM

Anonymous said...
He took $4000 from us for the same thing. He is very easy to find. he is in the book. Lake county sherrif is useless, they say it's a crime but nothing has been done. His home is in Niles, phone number there is 847-966-8331. His cell# is 847-208-8946. He is doing this to numerous houses in the Prarieview area.(unincorp Buf-grove.)Lots of info on him- call me-224-522-1371 William.

June 16, 2008 1:56 PM
Anonymous said...
After some more research, his real home is in Roscoe Il, with his boyfriend. His wife from China(He met her there)lives in Niles, Il.

July 29, 2008 3:59 PM
Anonymous said...
We should try and build a case against him. His signs are all over the area of Prairieview. We should keep taking them down so he quits ripping people off. He's still trying to rent out the forclosed homes. We need to stop him. He's a crook and keeps changing his "LLC" name.

August 4, 2008 7:42 AM
Anonymous said...
I'm currently renting a property from this man in Lincolnshire on a short term basis. He tried to get all the money up front for rent but we didn't have it to give him so we still owe him money. Clearly we aren't paying him but are curious to know if we'll ever get our security deposit back. Any help would be great. William, I left you a message and look forward to hearing back from you. I'm also going to contack a lawyer.

September 11, 2008 10:48 AM
Michael Chesler said...
Dear Annoymous

Read the entire post:

When you post information on someone at least tell the entire story with facts and not just your innacurate beliefs.

1. To anonymous
When you did pay rent at times it was not on time and your checks sometimes bounced. You didn't pay rent for over 3 months. When asked to leave you changed the locks and snuck out, took the appliances, said you were broke,your dogs ruined the new carpeting,lied about leaving the state and didn't pay the the $675.00 water bill.

2. William, according to your wife,you are living in that house RENT FREE for 1 year with assistance from me. You didn't give ME money to keep, it was in behalf of the actual owner of the property as you were aware of, and a large part of it was spent to provide you with livable housing when it was discovered after the fact there were problems and then later the actual owner had not paid the mortgage. You have a new hot water heater and other repairs were done.
A refund was sent to YOUR ATTORNEY in your behalf to be forwarded to you. I hope you you are enjoying an $18,000.00 free rent ride.
The reason you are writing here is because your wife has been advised 4 times by the police to stop her harrassment. The tapes are available to ANYONE who whishes to hear them.
3. To anonymous
How can I live in both Roscoe Il with a boyfriend and have a wife as well sand live in Niles? You seem to state where I live and how to reach me and also that no one can find me. I certainly am an invisible person if you know where I can be found.

4. The Land 88 LLC is still intact and you HAVE been taking down the signs illegally. You can steal but I suppose that is acceptable.

5.To anonymous
You are living in the house where the tenant sneeked out, so you know the condition.
All deposits would have been insisted upon and collected before you were given keys and allowed to move in earlier than your original date. There has never been any money retained inappropriately and yours will be returned.

I don't need to hide behind your remaining anonymous William.

Michael Chesler

September 15, 2008 2:38 PM
Anonymous said...
Don't believe anything this guy says. He's a crook. Good luck on getting your deposit'll probably never see it

October 7, 2008 7:59 AM
Anonymous said...
You forgot to mention...we were told by a attorney NOT to pay the weren't paying the mortgage and let the house go into FORCLOSURE. You BROKE the contract when you let the house go into forclosure. Your comment was "things happen." Found out by the bank banging on our doors several times. Pulled records at the court house...tried reaching you over 10 times with no answer. By the way..we are out of state..and not lying. Get your facts straight!

October 7, 2008 8:58 AM
Joan said...
Dear anonymous & William and all others...
We all know what kind of people you are - scammers from the beginning only looking for a free ride. When you rent a property, a security deposit plus first month's rent and sometimes last month's rent is required. Everyone has to pay that. You all wanted a free ride, came up with some lame excuse why you didn't have the money, and are now trying to bash this wonderful man.
Michael Chesler is a very kind and helpful man. I met him personally the other day, and was appauled at how you all are treating him and talking about him.
So, enough of the slanderous remarks about him. He is a very fair & honest man trying to make a living, unlike you all who are trying to get a free ride. You should all be ashamed of yourselves. And William, you should talk!! Your background certainly isn't something someone should be proud of.
So, this is my testimony to anyone reading this blog, MICHAEL CHESLER IS A VERY NICE, HONEST & KIND MAN.

October 10, 2008 11:39 AM
Anonymous said...
He must be paying you to say this.
From what is understood is has done this too alot of people. You fill find out the truth about him. I was told his previous business partner left him because he was a dishonest man and was cheating people!

October 10, 2008 1:42 PM
Joan said...
No, he is not paying me. He helped a family member of mine out, very generously I might add. And why is it that you don't post your name? Why would you hide your identity if you say this man is so bad? And who are you hearing all this slanderous information about him from?
As I said before, everyone has to pay rent or mortgage for something. We don't get free rides our whole lives. Maybe quit trying to beat the system and make an honest living and pay your bills, then you won't have all day to spend doing absolutely nothing online except for posting slanderous remarks about people that you probably owe money to. And BTW, slander is a felony. I'd be careful what you say and who you say it to.

October 10, 2008 3:16 PM
Anonymous said...
all we can say is i hope you don't learn the hard way

October 13, 2008 1:43 PM
Michael Chesler said...
Mr. Anonymous 9/11/2008 AKA Chris and Jeanie Collyard.

When you rent for only 6 weeks and you are from out of town it's not unusual to pay the entire amount in front and I don't know why this is objectionable, and I let you take possession 4 days early at no charge. I told you I excused you from the balance you owed when you finally spoke with me.
I appreciate your departure from my property you were short term renting after violating the lease multiple times; changing the locks not paying the full security deposit,not returning my calls, refusing me access ect. Also thank you for leaving my house trashed with garbage all over,old furniture, food in the refrigerator and cabinets and dog piss and feces stained carpet throughout the house. I hope your cousin had the medical supply co PU the equipment left behind.This was all after you informed me you were gone and your move out was complete. You are recorded in your phone message you left regarding your departure.
Your kindest blessing is your cousin's accusation I stole a "box of towels" and wasteing the time of the police. Where did she get a key when you said you left them ALL for me?
You truely are a piece of work.I hope you are ashamed of yourself. Your Mother would be proud.

Anonymous 10/07/08 @10:48AM AKA Mr and Mrs. Jeffery and Debbie Solomon.

Jeffery, I hope you found what you were shopping for at Wal Mart at Lake Cook and Wieland when I saw you there.If you paid your rent you could still be living in the house and purchased it as you contracted.
You are in violation of the lease
agreement and liable for the full unpaid rent balance of the lease.

To get proper advise from an attorney, next time you should consider at least meeting him once and retaining his services with money. You forget, I spoke to him and he said he never met either of you and he wasn't engaged by you. I guess you get what you pay for.
Get YOUR facts straight.

AKA William (224-522-1371 William)and Diane Soteras

I have written, recorded and electronic proof that the stories you are dishing out are false. I am meeting with the Sheriff and Detectives you have been misleading. I guess they are not going to be to happy with you. That is for you to deal with shortly.

October 13, 2008 4:43 PM


  1. I recently became involved with one of these posters.. The sotares couple..I have a very bad feeling about them.. Can anyone please advise??

  2. Yes,
    I can-
    Do not trust either of them.. Both very scary folks..Go over to the Lake county court house, or the Dupage court house, probably even cook county you should find everything you need to make you run!!!

  3. Thank you,, because I have a very bad feeling about William in paticular,, He seems to be an expert liar-
    I will go to the court houses

  4. I plan to go to all court houses-
    thank you

  5. You people are the same type of MORONS who are losing their houses.

  6. I agree, Jamie it's Will. U have to be one of the stupidist people on the face of the planet. Ur loser husband also.

  7. Hi Joan It's William. U are without a doubt, more stupid then Jamie. There is no way in hell your married, or even have a boyfriend. If u do, me along with a lot of other people that have been robbed by your friend feel very sorry for him. U can tell ur friend i'm still here. And i dont have to look over both shoulders. # the same 224-522-1371

  8. Hi Michael, remember me William. Don't worry i have'nt forgot about you. Your Friend Joan does not know that your own daughter has no clue what u really do.

  9. The reason you are writing here is because your wife has been advised 4 times by the police to stop her harrassment. The tapes are available to ANYONE who whishes to hear them.

  10. What's up mikey c.? I never seen anybody so nervous about what other people write. Was following u around the other day,(u stopped by the food place next to weiner take all). U can offer to have anyone check any thing they want. But i know they won't. The person in the spotlight is u! My wife and i have a friend named Lisa Fowler. She can be reached at 847-459-2560 She Does'nt know anything about my wife harrasing anybody except her boyfriends(Bruce Weil)wife! (Jamie Weil) And yes, that # is the Buffalo Grove p.d. P.S. and yes, if u have not figured it out, Mrs. Fowler is a police officer. She's knows a lot about u Michael, I was shocked to hear that your a total scumbag!(thats a joke, we all know u are) Funny u only rob people in that small praireview section. U know better to cross the street. See u sooner then u think! :-) Anyone still needing info on Land 88 or mickey c. Got tons of it. 89 calls so far and i learn a little more every time. 224-522-1371 everyone that has called REMEMBER WHAT I TOLD U!!!! NO LAWYERS!!! I represent everone that has called, and told u i will take care of everything by a certain date. Old school, there is no other way. Special thanks to those who donated. U will not be let down.

  11. Will,
    I would like to get in touch with some of these other people. How do i do it?
    R U collecting $$$ to do something? How do i participate and what r u going to do? What do u mean by old school? Lawyers cost lots of money.

  12. William
    Is is quite humorus to see you and your band of delusional groupies are still wasting your time posting warped versions of your tall tales. A conversation was had with your "friend" Lisa Fowler at the Buffalo Grove Police Dept. and she says she has no idea who you are. She was shocked she would get a call her to openly discuss all this with her. When she read your slanderous stories and involving her she couldn't believe it. You even admit to your wife's harassments of her boyfriend. She is the Police!

    Is it true you were in prison or jail for armed robbery?
    There was an interesting post, something about your wife Dianne being in a mental institution for child abuse or abandonment?

    You all should should take stock as to what you agreed to and whether you followed through on the agreed upon terms before you go attacking someone who was just playing by your rules until you wanted to change them to suit your needs at a later time.

    Let's all continue to hide under ANONYMOUS so no one will know who we are!!!

  13. This appears to be a textbook case of slander and tortious interference from mean-spirited tenants who willfully violated contract law with Land 88 and who, in my view, should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Thinly veiled threats make this all the more egregious. Shameful!


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