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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Kitty Kind

Anonymous said...
In their 2006 form 990s KittyKind’s income was declared to be about $210,000. Maddie’s Fund awarded KittyKind, a Mayor’s Alliance APO, $49,000 in grant money for 2007 and in the Spring of 2008 an additional $25,000 which was for special needs cat adoptions.
Although at a trial in 2007 the Judge said to KittyKind’s attorney (from the law firm of Vernon & Ginsburg) “I advise your client to give this woman some kind of compensation because we have just been to trial and she can do whatever she wants to with this information."
Despite the Vernon & Ginsburg’s protestations about how wonderful the group was the Judge also told the attorney, "I don’t know how other groups operate but from what I have heard, this group has taken advantage of this kind hearted woman for over $25,000”. Referring to a lawsuit in which this World Trade Center survivor, who lives on disability and who because of continued promises for reimbursement, paid for many KittyKind vet bills for fostered cats for the year 2004.
Isn’t it coincidental that KittyKind received $25,000 from Maddie’s Fund, according to the Maddies Fund Jan/Feb 2008 newsletter, and that this amount would satisfy the claims of this woman yet, KittyKind has failed to respond in any way to the Judge’s recommendation that some kind of compensation be made to her?

At this point it is beyond illogical for KittyKind to claim that they “just don’t have the money.” When they realized this was not reason not to pay me, KittyKind also claimed that these cats were not KittyKind rescues.

Because these fosters were taken in good faith with repeated verbal promises that these expenses would be reimbursed, this woman – as was the case with many regular KittyKind adoption representatives and volunteers, was never given Foster Forms by KittyKind to fill out – even though other Individual foster people were required to fill out foster forms.

The Judge made his decision based on lack of paperwork although KittyKind also claimed a lack paperwork for the Five cats they admitted were theirs.

June 14, 2008 4:58 PM

Anonymous said...
Kitty Kind has been taking advantage of the good will of the public and the volunteers for many years. The cats do not receive basic shelter care from a veterinarian and are adopted and fostered out under false pretenses of health. The many testimonials on internet show the flaws of this organization, and they need to be audited by credible state agencies. What is the limitation for deceiving the public?

July 2, 2008 7:57 PM
Anonymous said...
FabCatWoman said...
IMPORTANT: "NEED TO KNOW" if fostering/adopting from KittyKind

After reading this go to http:/ where you will see what I have gone through with this "rescue" group. This information cannot fade into the past - it is too important to consumers and kindhearted people. The animals need an honest group that will do what they promise for their medical care and follow up.

At the moment one of the cats that I still have, Tiger, has had to go to the vet again and on top of $245 that I paid out of my disability check, have a new bill of $782 that should rightfully be paid by KittyKind.

They promised vet care in an email and 3 months later sent a letter to my vet breaking their promise.

Are they doing this to Senior adoptions and other Special adoptions? Probably. Please pass this information around, if you have media contacts let them contact me at

If you can help with payments for Tiger's bill, he is being treated by

Dr. Linda Jacobson
291 KingsHighway
Brooklyn, NY 11223
Tel: 718 376 8957

Her staff knows me, Tiger and about KittyKind's disgraceful conduct.

August 16, 2008 9:02 PM

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