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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Destination Movers in Miami, FL

Anonymous said...
Destination Movers, out of Miami, FL, DO NOT use them! Sweet and friendly, until they get to your door and get your stuff on the truck. They tried to charge us for packing when I'd been told it was a FULL packing move. The driver showed up in a *Brand Name* rental truck, a 24 ft box truck. When they had all my stuff loaded, he said I had almost 2000 cubic feet of goods....I did my research, plus called the rental company 3 times, that 24 ft truck only holds 1380 CF! THe driver as he was leaving told me his packers would appreciate a little extra, not knowing what he meant, he told me they work on tips! They didn't have a lock for the truck, so neighbor gave them one, they didn't have enough blankets, and they did not have enough room in the truck to take all my stuff, I had to rent a trailer! Plus the first night they were there, asked my friend if they knew where they could find some weed, and Mexicans(help to pack the next day). We fought with the company and they finally knocked off $1000, BUT we were still overcharged. At that point, I just wanted our stuff back! It took us almost 3 weeks to get our stuff once we were ready for it in our new house. AND I called the DOT, and was told they had lost their license and were uninsured as of 2 days before they got to my house! I would never recommend this company!

Jacquelyn said...
I had a similar problem. To sum it up I was quoted a price over the phone and explained that they would need me to cover my mirrors in bubble wrap and wrap my couch as well.The young lady told me that the price included packing and wraping the bed.I did as she asked and when the movers came they charged me an extra $1273 for extra items and packing.I agreed to pay for the extra items but didn't want to pay foir the packing I did noit asked for.After taking my things I was asked for a tip and to take up my complaint with the manager.I called every day for 2 weeks before getting him. He gave me a $129 dollar refund only! I asked for my things to be returned he said it was already gone and would be ready on the 29 of May.On that date the movers were not ready and said they could not deliver until june 9.I asked to be informed of a time 24hrs in advance he called a the day befor late at night and could not give me an estimated time. He was aware that he would be delivering at a storage facility(Public Storage).The mover called me after 6pm when the storage faclity was closed and I could not move my things in.He then tried to charge me an extra $300 dollars over the phone.I spoke with him as well as the manager and he agreed to move it that morning and not charge me.The driver got lost and went to another public storage.I had to go get him and he followed me back to the storage facility.He then tried to charge me $300 again. He refused to give me my things then took the money and left my stuff in the street at PS. PLEASE REPORT THESE PEOPLE TO THE BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU WEBSITE!

July 20, 2008 5:19 PM
Anonymous said...
Attention everyone that has had any problems with Destination Movers- please contact me immediately. A group of us are gathering to make sure they stop their illegal practices.

We CAN do something about this. They are violating major federal and state laws and regulations housed under Department of Transportation, Consumer Protection, FBI, etc...the list goes on. They can lose their DOT license for engaging in "load hostaging" which is, in fact, a mover providing an estimate than refusing delivery unless twice, three, four times as much is paid in cash. This is ILLEGAL and they need complaints filed against them to the DOT. Also, the FBI investigated a case in 2004 involving 74 moving companies based out of Florida for the same crimes. They prosecuted all of them.

I, too, have had the same experience with destination movers, with pick-up, delivery, threats to throw my things away if I didn't show up in a different state and pay cash because they don't accept credit card, rudeness and bad customer service, etc. This is extortion. PLEASE email me. Individually it is difficult to fight them, but collectively we can show that this is standard and methodical criminal operating procedures on their part! Thank you,


August 5, 2008 2:09 PM
Allison said...
I hired Destination Movers to move my 1-bedroom apartment from New York, NY to Dallas, TX. My scheduled pick up was for Sunday June 29th, 2008. I paid for "full packaging" and only had use of the elevators in my building from 1:00-4:00pm. Because of this, the driver was instructed to be at my apartment before 1:00pm. I was contacted on Saturday June 28th, and was told the movers would be at my apartment at 12:00pm the next day. The movers did not show up until 8:00pm, though!!! And the reason was not because of “traffic delays”, but that the driver was scheduled to do another job the same morning in Boston, and didn’t even KNOW about my job until 12:00pm that day. This was extremely poor planning and lack of communication from the beginning, because if the driver has a job in Boston in the morning, there is no way to get to my apartment by noon the same day. I was never contacted to be made aware of this issue, and I spent the entire day waiting, playing phone tag with the company, and wondering when they would finally arrive.

When I booked this move, 'Yvonne' assured me that by paying extra for “Straight Delivery”, my items would arrive in Dallas three days from the time of pick-up. I have e-mails documenting this conversation. This conversation was the SOLE reason I even hired this company for my move. I had 10 other movers I could have used. Destination Movers was not the cheapest price, and I had other quotes for a 4-5 day delivery time, but their quote assured me the shortest time frame, which was a mandatory factor in my moving process. After the movers left my apartment on Sunday June 29th, I was under the assumption that my items would be en route to Texas the following morning, since that is what I agreed to. However, that was not the case at all. For whatever reason, my items were taken to a storage facility in New Jersey and were just sitting there. I was never contacted with an update on timing, as I was told I would be, and wasn’t even aware of my items where-a-bouts until I called the company myself to get an update. Then I was told it would take up to 21 days to deliver my stuff, which was complete unacceptable because I was leaving the country for two weeks on July 6th and needed my stuff!!

Because Destination Movers did not do the job I hired them to do, I had to hire another moving company to pick up my items from their New Jersey facility. They couldn't pick up my items until 5:30pm on July 2nd, because Destination Movers REFUSED to give me the address of the facility. No one was being helpful to me, and it took the entire day for me to finally get it out of someone where my items were being held. This new moving company took an inventory of items upon pick-up, and when they dropped off my items in Dallas, I cross-checked their inventory list with the inventory list I was given upon pick-up. One big item was missing, however, and a few items were broken. First and foremost, I am still missing a queen-sized padded leather headboard worth $1,500, which was never picked up from their warehouse. This headboard is still missing to this day! And the company refuses to help me or have anything to do with it. In addition to the headboard, my TV was broken along with a broken table and a broken stool (all because of the poor packing job).

Upon pick-up, I paid the Company $1,270. This was for 50% of the entire service they were supposed to provide me; however, far less than 50% of the service was completed. I was willing to pay for the cost of packing my items, and removing them from my apartment, but this service cannot cost anywhere near $1,270. I have tried to contact Destination Movers multiple times to discuss a reimbursement for the service they did not provide, however they refuse to speak with me. In addition, they overcharged me for “Packing”. In the quote I received, I was told “Full Packing” was $278 (I have an e-mail documenting this), however the total cost of packing ended up being $708 somehow. Yvonne described “Full Packing” as follows: “The full packing includes the movers packing everything as well as the supplies of materials.” Therefore, the movers overcharged me for this service. Again, I tried to contact the company to discuss this, but no one is willing to. I even had packed a lot of items on my own, and used a lot of my own boxes since I had 8 hours to spare while I was waiting for the movers to arrive!

Basically this company provided the worst customer service possible and made my life hell for the past month. My contract was broken in every way possible, and they refuse to do anything about it. 1) The job was not completed. I paid extra money for “Straight Delivery” which I was told meant 3 days, but in reality was apparently 21 days. 2) I paid extra money for “Full Packaging” versus what was quoted. 3) The movers were 8 hours late for their scheduled pick up time, after the company assured me that the driver would be there before 1:00pm. 4) I was told I would be given constant status updates with pick-up and delivery times, but I was never once contacted by the company, and I had to call myself every time. 5) Extremely poor customer service, as no one was willing or able to work with me to resolve the issue, and I was never offered a single apology for the apparent miscommunication and extreme inconvenience they caused me. It was almost impossible to get a hold of anyone at the company, and when I finally did, every person had a different story to tell me. NO ONE should ever use this company!!!

I am in the process of trying to find a laywer to help me get justice with this company and the situation. If anyone out there knows someone who has helped them, or thinks I have a good case, please let me know!!

August 14, 2008 2:17 PM
Kenneth said...
My daughter hired Destination Movers to move her contents from a 3 room apartment in Metuchen, NJ to a 3 room apartment in Somerville, MA. She tried to do her shopping for a good price using the internet but the initial quote of $1,200 that she was enticed with ended up being $3,600 with 2 very frustrating weeks of being continuously lied to. My daughter paid $400 rent for a week rent so she could be all moved into to her apartment before starting her graduate school at MIT the following week. Destination movers had moved her out of her apartment in NJ one month previous and had put her belongings into storage. She had notified them of her desired August 25th date with 2 weeks of advance notice and was told that would be fine. How a business can function the way this Company does is simply beyond me. They never called or made any attempt to notify her that this initial date would not be met, when she contacted them to find out what time they would arrive, then a prolonged series of daily lies began with destination movers telling her that they would deliver her belongings the following day. This daily routine of being lied to lasted for 2 weeks (the very fine print in their contract states they have 3 weeks of your desired date to deliver the stuff). If they had just been forthright enough to state they could not deliver for 2 weeks, I would have had a shred of understanding for them, but every day it was like a game they played saying they would be there at a certain time and not showing. When you would call to find out why they weren't there, they would put you on hold for an hour until you gave up and hung up, or put someone on the phone with you that couldn't speak any English. The next thing that I would caution you about is when they might show up to move your stuff. Common sense would dictate that they would show up at a reasonable hour to move you (7AM to 11PM); when they moved her out, they showed up at 8PM and didn't finish packing until 3AM (needless to say her neighbors in the apartment were not happy). This lack of concern for a reasonable time made the 2 weeks of waiting for the stuff to arrive quite frustrating because they would keep telling her right up until 11PM or midnight that they were only 1 hour away; so every night for these 2 weeks she was sitting up until 1AM thinking her stuff was coming. For their method of payment they will only accept cash or a Postal money order. My daughter had got Money Orders from the Bank, so last minute we had to hit ATM machines to get cash; and you better get plenty extra, because this is when the extortion game begins. They are going to charge you for extra steps and stairs to actually deliver your furniture irregardless of whether or not it is warranted. They know that by having lied to you for 2 continuous weeks that any chance for a tip is pretty much long gone, so the extra fees are their way of putting a little something extra in their pockets for a job horrendously done. We actually got a tape measure out to show them that the truck was parked well within the allotted distance but when they measured it but to refute our measurement, they only let the tape out 1/2 way which was very obvious. The bottom line, they have your stuff and they are holding it hostage and you will pay the just as we did so you can move on with your life. And for all of this, DO NOT expect your belongings to arrive undamaged or missing stuff. My daughter had quite a few pieces that were pretty much destroyed. I could tell when they opened the truck door that garbage men are more careful when throwing trash into their trucks. Bottom line, the next time my daughter moves, my son & I will rent a Uhaul and do it ourselves; if that is not an option for you, I strongly suggest that you read up on who you hire. The only possible reason I can come up with on why they lied about the stuff being delivered every single day for 2 weeks is that it is just a psychological ploy to wear you down so that you pay the extortion money more readily when they do arrive.

September 8, 2008 10:17 AM


  1. I too have been ripped off by this company we have a group of us that are in contact with someone that can help us. Not het out things back but see justice. My email address is, email me and i will send you the information.

    kathryn sullivan

  2. I'm writing to you today about a moving company called Destination Movers. They are based out Miami Beach Florida, Their address is 20442 Ne. 15th Ct. North Miami Beach Florida 33179. Their phone number is 1-866-620-8646 and our job number is 134116. They were violating a bound contract with us stating in there fine print that they have by law 21 days to move items from the east coast to the west coast from the time the consumer calls and basically says "okay go a head and ship it". We called the 29th of september 2008 it came on october 23rd 2008. I had called them on September 29th 2008 to have them begin the moving process. We have been very complaint to the movers demands and have sent them half of what we owe them to begin the very process. On May 29th 2008 the day we had them pick up our belongings they were extremely late and did not come on any time they quoted us.Their excuse was there was heavy traffic in west virginia that day.

    We had explained to them we were on a timed bases because we had to be out of the apartment that night.We unfortunately were not present at the time of pick up, we had no choice but to leave our belongings behind in hopes they would keep their promise to pick up our stuff. We had gotten a phone call later that evening stating that they were unable to get into the apartment building, when we had already called and told them exactly where we had hidden a key for them to get in. We had called them to confirm if this was in fact true and they told us it was not and that they had gotten into the building and have our belongings and are waiting for us to tell them when to deliver. We had told them we would call as soon as we had all the money we needed to complete the transaction . We asked them how we were suppose to pay them since they did not show up while we were there, they in turn told us to pay in full on delivery and that's what plan we were going on.

    We had asked about if they had storage for us because we needed at least one month before we had all the money and that night we had hired them they told us it would be $100 a month first month was free. There was no mention of late fee's or having to pay month to month for storage. That being said when we called to have our stuff taken out of storage and begin the delivery process we were told our amount due to them was $1500.(remeber we had orinially been estimated $1000.03) We argued to them that it could not be $1500 and that we should only owe them $1300,(4 months in storage at $100 a month and the first month was free so $1300) . This is when the manager got on the phone and claimed that we owed them for late fee's(that we did not know about) because we didn't pay them month to month.When we spoke to the manager he was willing to bring it down to $1400 but after sending a payment of $750 to him he changed his greedy mind and told us it was another $750 at delivery. I stress that we had no idea about any of the late fee's/ month to month payment. Had we known about them it would have probably saved us a lot of headaches.

    We finally got tired of arguing with them about it and we just said enough and verbally said to them we will pay $1500 now please send our belongings.We had called them a few days after sending the money order/ cashiers check to verify they had received it and everything was set to go which they replied to me it was on its way. I had been dealing with one of there representatives Ana who had kept saying "its on its way, it should be there with in a few days, and it was to arrive on a Tuesday or Wednesday." Lets just say this is one of the many lies we were told.

    Our items never showed up on the Tuesday or Wednesday she claimed it would, so again I called them the fallowing Monday(to give the truck extra time to get here) and I called them back and said hey wheres my stuff? They again gave us another story claiming to have truck problems and that the problem was being fixed and was being sent out that night, and that it would take another week before it got here. Needless to say it still had not shown up.My boyfriend had called and talked to the manager himself and he claimed we were not on the delivery list at all. So we didn't really know what to believe.

    According to we are not the only ones who have been scammed by this company. I couldn't even begin to tell you how rude there customer service people are. They have lied to us about things numerous times to my boyfriend and I and we have been put on hold for more then 20+ minutes just to find out that nothings changed that it was still "on its way". Not to mention they have hung up the phone on us many times and when we call back they would disconnect the phones and pretend we called after hours.

    There needs to be something done about this company or they will continue to rip off/ abuse people. I encourage you to take a look at some of the claims posted on

    On our account Nothing was ever signed on anything we agreed to, It was all done verbally on the phone there were no e-mails sent except our initial estimate of $1000.03. and one conformation e-mail stating we paid them $750.

    We had received an e-mail from max the manager on Wednesday the week of October 22, 2008 stating that he was told by the driver that the driver was trying to contact us and that he had called our phone 3 times and no one answered. This is a bold face lie because i am home 247 and i know who calls and who does not call.We did attempted to call the driver who had been extremely rude and made a comment of "tell Ana (from destination movers) to have your stuff personally flown to you because it isn't my problem anymore." I was crushed thinking i was never going to see my stuff again.

    We called destination movers over 20 times and each time they either never picked up or if they picked up they would put us on hold for over 20 minutes at a time forcing us to get mad and hang up. We did finally get a hold of max who claimed he was going to get into contact with the driver and then give us a call back. lets just say we never got that call. I finally had to have my mother call them and ask them if they would be willing to send out our stuff the fallowing day (Thursday). They had tried to scam us out of another $200 but once they realized they couldn't and wasn't going to get $200 they dropped it but, they did end up delivering the next day.

    on Thursday at 1:45 pm October 23rd, 2008, we finally received our belongings well most of them anyway. We had also found that almost all of our boxes were trashed and luckily for them nothing was broken. there was one box full of my good silverware that was opened and it looks like some of the utensils were missing after inspecting them nothing was found missing. We had also received a tennis racket and vacuum that had our delivery stickers put onto it but it wasn't our items.

    I have a list of items that i did not receive with my delivery

    such as 13 inch tv (tube not LCD)
    Computer (cables, monitor, mouse&keyboard along with tower)
    a single 4 drawer dresser
    comcast cable box (We had agreed with comcast that we were to send it back once we had gotten to Arizona)
    1 cordless telephone
    A foreman grill
    electric can opener
    electric 4 cup coffee maker
    A box full of shoes and 2 umbrellas, scarves, mittens etc..
    1 or 2 boxes of books.
    A box full of dishes (cups, plates, bowels etc..)
    1 chair
    1 love seat
    1 twin mattress and box spring.

    We are still trying to figure out if there is anything else missing/ damaged.
    One thing that we noticed so far was minor damage to my tv stand and all that needs to be done is tightening and some scratches need to be repaired.

    I know for a fact i am not the only person nor will i ever be the only person this happens to and if you were to take a look at you will see that there is 30 bad reports about this company not a single good one and they all basically say the same thing.What is sad it either the wives of the managers or the managers themselves have put comments on the website either trying to make themselves look good or filed a rebuttal towards the person that filed against them.

    There trying to rip people off either with peoples goods or with money. We have contacted Destination movers and told them all the goods we are missing and we asked them to check and make sure it was just forgotten somewhere.We also asked them to give us names of the companies who have been in contact with our stuff and we also asked them for a form for a full refund none of these things has happened. I did manage to write on each of my boxes what was in it and our address of where it needs to be delivered so that if someone did accidently got it delivered to them they could send it to us or find out our number and give us a call and to also avoid a thing like this happening.

    When the driver was here to deliver he actually seemed shocked by my experience and he confirmed to me that the items that are missing were never loaded onto his truck. He had also informed me that when they tried to get into contact us the day before he had been forced by Destination movers to put our belongings back into a storage unit. We were then aware that the document we had signed (the estimate) was not a real contract and that I guess by law we had to have been present at the time of pick up to sign this contract or what they did would be considered stealing/theft.

    We had also been aware that the complaint we sent to the BBB had been closed due to a "no comment" back from Destination movers. one more thing we are aware is Destination movers had originally been known under another name and back in 2003 was forced to shut down due to too many complaints filed against them. They some how managed to reopened under Destination movers back in 2007. These people do not move items themselves they contract and sub-contract other companies to do the job for them.

    These [people are experts of conning, stealing, manipulating and thievery. They are not expert movers. They don't really know what they are doing and it shows by there staffs lack of knowledge. They are extremely rude and manipulative and will try anything to get your business. Please beware of Max, Ana, Erika, Ruben, and the others that work at Destination movers. Those people I listed are the worst of them all. If you have fell victim to these people please help us spread the word around.
    They need to be stopped and run out of business for good and with your help we can do it.

    Thank you,

    Andrea Carlson

  3. Has anyone had any success suing these people? They screwed me over royally last year and my letters to state's attorneys and fbi haven't produced anything. I've tried contacting them recently, but seems that they're number has been disconnected (schocker). I would like to get the contact info of the owner(s) as well. My email is


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