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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Debt Cures

Anonymous said...
Debt Cures!!! I saw this infomercial and got curious so i went to the site..Hey for 20 bucks i get a book that may or may not give me insight..So I went to order took me through all this special offer stuff where i said no after no..Going through all this i decided forget it and closed my browser..Low and Behold I check my bank account and what do you know they charged me without me ever pressing anything that had to do with processing an order..also never even got an email that anything was processed. I guess my curiosity made me a fool. Dont believe the hype, these folks are internet thieves.

August 25, 2008 12:13 PM

Anonymous said...
I too watched the infomercial one too many times until my curiosity took over my good judgement. I received the book and it is full of information. However, the book teaches you how to opt out of all the phone calls from telemarketers and unsolicited mail offers yet immediately I began to receive calls from solicitors. When I asked how they got my name,(as I had already opted out before I read the book) they said that they were affiliates with the company that I bought the "Debt Cures" book from. Not only did they have my name, they had my credit card #. I called the and complained to the company that I ordered the book from and of course they didn't know what I was talking about. Then, a$9.95 debit appeared on my bank account from the "Debt Cure" company for the monthly news letter. I had specifically told them NO I do not want ANYTHING other than the book. They tried everything they could to add "stuff" to my book order when I was ordering the book. Then even though I said NO, they charged me anyway. I called and they took off the charge. They didn't know how that had happened. If you buy this book from the tv add, be sure and read it well because you are going to need to know how to repair all the damage they do after they get your name, phone #, and credit card #!
It is ashamed that all the negative things happened because I would have recommended the book otherwise. As I told the company, if I am buying a debt cure book, I can't afford to purchase all the extras that they try to stick you with. He talks about that in his book too. Guess he doesn't follow his own advice when it comes to selling his books and making money for himself.

October 10, 2008 10:33 AM

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