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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

David Anthony Salon located in Darien Illinois

Anonymous said...
All I have to say is do not go to David Anthony Salon located in Darien Illinois. The colorist there is absolutly horrible. I f your looking for some green hair then that is the place to go to.

August 15, 2008 3:27 PM

Anonymous said...
i'm pretty sure i disagree.
i went into there with green, grey and orange hair and walked out with a perfect shade of blonde and brown.

william was a miracle worker.


September 3, 2008 5:32 PM


  1. William is the best colorist I have ever had.

  2. Beware -- the ridiculously negative comments are obviously from David's competition. Which means they're threatened by his salon, which means it's really good!

  3. William has done my hair coloring for over 6 years and I have never been disappointed. He truly knows his job well!

  4. it has taken me 25 years to appreciate my curly hair thanks to David. I normally go home and restyle my hair after a cut. When David does cuts and styles, it is exactly as a cut and style should be. It should make you feel confident and beautiful, so thank you David Anthony and your team members.

  5. I have been going to David and William for years and I have NEVER been unhappy with either the cut or color. I think they are just super!

  6. I went to David today with hair that was almost to my belt loops and it had been that way all my life. I took the plunge after David said it was a great move as far as style and cut and that I would be very happy. Though I was very apprehensive I let him do it.
    I CANT BELIEVE HOW MUCH YOUNGER, CLASSIER, AND SEXY IT MADE ME. I love this place and I certainly wouldn't allow the hater to skew your decision to go there. I have never been happier. My best friend not only gets her hair cut there but also color FANTASTIC!!!!!

  7. I have been seeing both William and David for over 10 years... and now my daughter does too. I have never been happier and I will never go anywhere else. They are THE BEST.

    Obviously, the negative comment is from their competition because I am so confident in them... they would never make a mistake.


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