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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Valley Management-Mr. Tulio Camino of Queens, NY

Anonymous said...
I contracted Valley Management-Mr. Tulio Camino of Queens, NY to remove a violation on a house I just bought. I paid them $3,500 and they did nothing for it. They do not return phone calls and did no work at all. Stay away from this thief and his company. His permit to operate should be removed. He belongs in jail. THIEF!!!

September 20, 2008 1:09 PM


  1. Great site. I found you on ebay and wanted to buy a link for Cant find the signup thingy.

  2. We hired this piece of shi* Tulio Camino to remove violations paid him and nothing was done he robbed my folks for like 4,000 dollars this piece of shi* belongs in jail

  3. This guy is a real thief, he is a con artist, after nearly paying 5000, and wasting two years of my time we have no results and are in worse condtion with the DOB than, we were, when we signed his contract. stay away from him, He moves his company around and changes its names buling violations solution and buliding violations removal. His staff is inexperienced and lazy.

  4. Tulio Camino has build his company on his ex-wife credit and money. She was married to a big drug dealer, and after he got lock up he got with her. So this piece of shit, has allways been a con artist. He helps to laundry drug money and all his money is under his mother name. He pays every one off to get the job done, in a elegal way. So don't expect to get your money back, because his back account is always low. He deposit only what he needs to pay at the end of the month. Theirfore he should get prosecuded by the law, for brige of contract. By the way he pays his employees of the books, so call the IRS. This mother fucker has always other people take the heat for everithing. Please get this Hijo De PUTA.

  5. regardless of what the actual facts of this issue may be if you really want to do something about the situation by making faulty comments you will not get any results. obviously there are more people who were robbed besides you(annonymous of Jan 26th)so what you really want to do is notify the authorities, IRS, or who ever needs to know. and please dont talk about people or thinks that you do not know.

  6. I need help, to get my money back from Tulio Camino. This man personally took 15,000 dollars to legalize my basement. He self certifide my application and it got audit. The fact that the application got audit is not a problem. But the big problem is that this man told me that my basement could be legalize as a second family dwelling, with gas and electric meters. I put my fate on this baster and gave him my life savings. Now I got a letter from the building department stating that my basement can not be converted into a second family dwelling. I have 2 weeks going and calling Mr. Camino, and no luck. I fell rob, I consulted a lawyer yesterday. I hope that I could get my money back. Personal advice google this mother fucker before you give him any business at all. My name is Jose G

  7. I can't believe what I'm reading...I'm in the same situation. I gave Tulio Camino Jr $2,000 (initial payment) to obtain a DOB permit on January 10, 2009 and after numerous attempts to reach him via phone and visits at his Jackson Heights office (Building Violation Solutions)I decided to google him and I found this blog. Has anyone attempt to suit him for this? Jose G you mentioned to consulted a lawyer, any luck? does anyone have his home address?

  8. I am in the same position with tulio. $5k and two years later. nothing is complete.

  9. in order to find him you can do a reverse-look-up on the net. just put in the phone # you have and it will give you a address. i think you have to pay a small fee but its worth it. The # i have for him is 347-885-5324. He has already cut off the office # and move his office so dont bother. If anyone gets the address or ANY kind of info PPLLEEEESE post it. We need to get this jerk off the street. I gave him 1,500 last year and nothing got done. I dont have money to throw away. Im going to loose my house now cuz he never cleared up the buliding violation a service i paid for. Please people lets try to work together, find him and get our money back. any info will get us closer to giving him what he deserves.

  10. 125-10 queens blvd is the building where he is working from the apt i dont know but am sure that is sufficient to pin point his stay. like i wrote earlier on Jan 30 do not be afraid to say who you are, state your name because you are the victim. Also Tulio Camino and Tulio Camino Jr are two different people and they work separately but like father like son they both do the same wrong to their clients. His home is address is 35-52 Bertha Dr Baldwin NY 11510. Not 100 percent if he still lives there but hope it helps. Like i said you can solve this problem by going to the court and figuring out what the steps are writing blogs will not get you any money or most importantly the respect and recogniziton you deserve.

  11. I took Valley Management/Tulio Camino to small claims court last fall for $1500 that he owes my father for failing to remove a violation. He never showed up to court and I was awarded the judgement. I am in the process of contacting the city's marshall's office to see what my options are. He is a low-life individual who prey on the elderly and on immigrants. His business license should be revoked.

  12. I notice that there are quite a few of these 'Violations Removed' shops in and around the Jamaica/Queens, NY area. Bear in mind that these offices are run by non-professionals (non-licensed architects/engineers). Sometimes these are people who are professionally trained but haven't yet passed their license exams and have an affiliation with a licensed person who seals their work with adequate oversight. Unfortunately, too many of these offices are run by business persons who hire draftspersons and expeditors using the services of non-staff professionals to seal their work with no oversight. There are also quite a few advertised in Craigslist under 'Services/Skilled Trade or Real Estate'.

    One in particular:

    Henlall Surutnairne
    Lakshman Surujnarine
    et. al.
    Fabtech Construction / Fab-Tec Construction & Metal Inc.
    103-17 Rockaway Boulevard
    Ozone Park, NY 11417-2232

    Fabtech used a series of licensed professionals to file applications for their projects at the NYC Department of Buildings. Each one of them was sanctioned by the Department (see the NYC DOB website, Professional Discipline and Resolutions) for improper activities related to a Fabtech Construction project. After these professionals lost their ability to support Fabtech's illicit activities, Fabtech then hired another professional to take their place. I don't know how long this has been going on, however; the last three that I know of, in the order of their demise are:

    Norman Chan, P.E. (recently resolved)
    Tulsienandan Mahadeo, P.E.
    Kojo Simpson, R.A.

    This doesn't mean that the gentlemen have lost their licenses to practice, however; they probably won't be 'rubber stamping' the work of others without the appropriate deference to the rules and regulations governing construction in NYC in the future.

    I can understand peoples desire to save money by going to the 'Violations Removed' shops but, they are taking a great risk with their money. Due to the lack of training and professionalism may of these shops depend upon trickery to obtain DOB approvals which could backfire on the property owner, often after they have made final payment. Just because you receive an approve set of plans from the DOB doesn't mean your property is no longer 'In-violation'. You may get away with an approved set of plans for an illegal basement apartment if the applicant files using his or her Professional Certification privelages, however; your permits could be revolked if it fails an audit (20% chance of that).

    By the way Tulio Camino's name appears on the DOB list of sanctioned Filing Representative in 2001.

    Good luck to all.

  13. Tulio is sick and hopefully he will die soon so that he can scam anymore people. BTW his home & Family details are:
    Tulio Camino
    8407 129th Street,
    Kew Gardens, NY 11415

    His family members name:
    Jose Camino
    Sara L Camino
    Julio Eliud Camino

  14. Tulio camino JR. claims he is not like his father. But the reality is $2000 and one year later nothing was done. phone calls unanswered and now his office is closed in jackson heights. I am on the verge of losing my house because of this mother f*cker. I saw him in march at DOB court. The address he gave me was

    25-43 96th street.
    Elmhurst, NY
    one block from astoria blvd
    pink house second floor
    right door
    I have not caught this bastard at home yet.
    Any info email me

  15. I know Tulio Camino and he is a very good person. If you have issues you should talk to him and try to get them resolved. I do not believe that you are a better person by calling him names! You must understand that DOB is an agency as complex as IRS or USCIS. Therefore, give this man the chance to resolve your issues he did resolve my violations and converted my house to two family dwelling and i truly appreciate the work he did for me and my family. A comment to the man that is losing his house, i think that if you do not have the money to pay your house regardless if you convert it legally or illegaly is always your responsibility, so do not blame others for your lack of payment!

  16. To July 4th i guess you were one of the lucky ones... july 12 that is the wrong address and relatives...

    I heard that Tulio found out about this site and is working on covering his tracks once again.
    like i wrote before Tulio Eliot Camino Bautista's address is:
    35-52 Bertha Dr
    Baldwin, NY 11510-5030.
    None of the relatives listed there are real these are his real relative:
    Son's... 1. Tulio Camino Gomez Jr 2.Javith Camino Gomez, Both reside with the father 3. Kevin Camino Gomez, who lives with his mother in Brentwood L.I.
    Sara is his niece and he has a brother by the name of Eliot Camino.

    July 4th dont try to stick up for someone who is not worth it. people dont do this for fun, but am sure he had fun with peoples money. to this day he owes me money and is more than what everyone on this site has noted, added up and times 2. YOU HAVE NO CLUE WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT, BE HAPPY YOUR NOT ON THE SAME BOAT AS OTHERS, UNLESS THOSE GOOD COMMENTS ARE BEING WRITTEN BY THE MAN HIMSELF.

  17. he took my money and didn't give it back for not finishing my job. when he's about to go in his car, im gonna catch his fat ass from behind and stab him with a rusty screw driver. If i get a chance to piss on his son, ill do that too! he dont know who he messin with...

  18. dont trust this guy he is a crook. he took my money in 2007 and he is still hiding. He said he would fix my violation problem in my property in elmhurst but ran off with $4000. Im gonna bust open his escalade and ram it into someone. let him pay insurance. better yet, im gonna beat his ass down, throw alcohol on him, put him back in his car, and roll that skunt down the highway. its gonna be a drunk driving case.

  19. We lost $3,000 cash to Tulio Camino. He sweet talked his way initially back in 2006. He said he would get the work permit for our violation and have it removed. Then charged $1,500 more to do some demolition work, which was unnecessary. He said that we would be able to keep the shed on the front yard. he did nothing but stole money from my 75 yr old grandfather. may he burn in hell...dont trust this guy.

  20. not too mention that Camino Jr. is doing the same scam as his father!! My mom has paid him $3000 and he didnt show up to the court date. my mom is now fined for $8000 and this asshole doesnt answer phone calls

  21. sorry to hear that..I am planning on getting tulio and his b*tch ass son jumped...the more sad stories I hear, the more pissed off I get...anyone with me? cos I'm about to trash his thing, invite tulio to meet somewhere and push his fat ass to the so pissed off at him, I might go and beat him down with a bat one of these days...

  22. This is his current information
    Valley Management
    12510 Queens Blvd Ste 307
    Kew Gardens, NY 11415
    Phone: (718) 261-5720

  23. This old puta scammed me $2500.00

  24. Este de verdad es un ratero lo mismo me paso a mi, ofrecio remover las violaciones y legalizar el sotano, por lo que le di un adelanto de 7.000,00 si siete mil dolares y lo he perdido todo por culpa de esta indesiable "persona".

  25. This guy toulio took me for $5500 and aother guy I know for $1500. This is incredable we should get together and go to the DA's office..

  26. trust me,we cant get our money thing is to kick his @$$...catch him off guard, break few of his bones, i'm sure that will be better. he can sit in the emergency room and think. Once he gets better, few months later, give it to him again! until you get your moneys worth.

  27. i used to work in his office in queens blvd across the street from the dept of buildings and yeah he robbed my aunt for 50K after she won the lotto believe it or not he married my aunt and thats how i know about this motherfucker he was a great caring funny person but i just found out about his act today and its a disapointment but fuck him do what ya gottta do cuz its yur money i would help you guys but i have no info on where he at

  28. 125-10 queens blvd suite 306 kew gardens ny 11415 1718 575 0011 fax 718 575 2014 e-mail tcamino@buildingsviolatins-com web www,buildingsviolations,com 1 347 400 6611

  29. este malparido is un ladron
    tulio camino te metiste con el que no era malparido
    tu dia te va llegar malparido hijo de puta
    vas ver esto no se queda asi
    cuidese malparido

  30. I got a blowjob from his girl while he was at work...she ugly, but who cares, i got something at least from this fukker...Next time tulio kisses his girl, he's actually sucking my dickk!

  31. I tried looking for him so I can slap him with my size 11 Timberlands. His faggot ass son ratted on him. I still cant find him, but when I do, im a put my foot up his ass and tap dance.

  32. son muchos los casos,pregunta quien va a tener los "Guevos" para pararlo?...

  33. all he needs to realize is that he is a puss...! and if i come across him, ima pound the crap out of his old ass...

  34. JUNIO 22, 2010

    Este hijo de puta, sigue estafando la gente y todos los que estamos envolucrados en sus estafas tenemos que hacer algo para pararlo, como denunciarlo a las autoridades y a los canales televisivos en espanol y en ingles como son los canales 41, 47, CNN, Eyewitness news, con pruebas contundentes, por favor no vote las pocas pruebas que pueda obtener de el, como son recibos, flayers etc. Este Tulio Camino Jr. y su padre y quizas toda su familia son una partidad de estafadores. Yo lo denuncie ante el Dpto de Buildings en Jamaical pero ellos dicen que a ellos no les compete esta situacion pero ellos lo conocen pero nadie dice nada.
    Sus nuevas direcciones y telefonos son:

    anterior direccion es:

    82-11 37th Avenida, Suite LL3
    Jackson Heights, NY 11372
    Phone: 718-205.8292
    fax: 718-205.8298
    cell: 347-885.5324


    La direccion actual que tengo es:

    125-10 Queens Blvd. Suite 306
    Kew Gardens, NY 11415
    (Across from the Dep. of Buildings)

    Phone: 718-575.0011
    fax: 718-575.2014
    cell: 631-520.1303


    aparece con el nombre

    Estos desgraciados cambian de telefono y direccion constantemente y obtienen su dinero no vuelven a contestar. Tulio Camino Jr. acostumbra a conducir un BMW tipo minivan de color oscuro. tu puedes ver las fotos de el sus amigos en el FACEBOOK y creo que ahora esta tratando de usar diferentes nombres como kevin.

  35. My father, Tulio Camino, is a lying & cheating bastard. That is why i don't do business with him anymore. If anyone needs to hurt him, or take him to court, please do it, but please leave me alone. I am not responsible for his lying, cheating, & deceitful act. He is a bastard who put our family name down. The day he dies, I will throw a big party. I feel ashamed to be his son.


  37. I have used the services of Tulio Camino on three different occasions, on three different buildings, all in Queens. I have worked with and spoke on many occasions with Tulio and his two sons, Kevin and Javith. Over these several years of knowing Tulio, I can definitely state that you need to have a good deal of patience...the first house he successfully completed, done in year 2004 took 4 months to remove DOB and ECB, the 2nd house in 2005, took 6 months to remove violations and the most recent house in year 2010 took 9 months to remove all the violations...You've got to have a great deal of time and patience!!! Kevin was readily accessible by phone...Tulio would call back the next day or so....They were never rude and always gave me feedback. If you need violations worked on and removed in a HURRY then in my opinion they may not be for you.

  38. I heard he has AIDS from boning his fat girlfriend!

  39. i just heard this mother f**er has AIDS...

  40. para informacion de todos, quiero notificar que este señor se encuentra en colombia haciando inversiones en bienes raices. afortunadamente no caimos en la estafa, gracias a esta pagina web.
    este señor dejo un telefono de cali,colombia.

  41. The only person that can remove an actual ECB violation regarding a quality of life violation such as illegal fixtures bathroom, kitchen and gas piping is a licensed plumber. This is the only permit required by the Dept. Of Buildings to remove the violation.
    If you want to try to legalize or change the occupancy of a home than you must use a Registered Architect or Professional Engineer that will draw plans and then submit to the Dept. Of Buildings, after this you will need the services of different licensed trades to pull permits and inspect.
    These are all licensed individuals and their actual license can be checked with the Dept. Of Buildings.
    Why do people constantly fall for these thieves like the Caminos that don't offer anything but a pack of lies, act as middle men, and dirt bag expediters just stealing with no remorse or consequences.

  42. esta en jamundi en la via potrerito callejon casuca unidad 3

  43. A word to the wise. To remove ECB & DOB Violations that involve plumbing can ONLY be removed by a Licensed Master Plumber. Even if you are legalizing you still need a Licensed Master Plumber along with an architect. Tulio is neither, he is just a middle man making money off people that many of the services he provides can be performed by the homeowner themselves. Anyone who promises you that they can "do it all", most likely can't do anything. All they will do is shop around your needs while throwing money on top.

    I know ECB & DOB violations can be confusing and each agency tells you different stories but i cannot stress enough that ONLY a Licensed Master Plumber can remove ECB & DOB violations regarding plumbing. Everyone is afraid of how much architect, engineers or plumbers might charge but getting ripped off always comes out costing more.

    I, myself work in an office for a Licensed Master Plumber and we remove violations the CORRECT way. I will not use this forum to advertise our services because i REFUSE to have our company name anywhere where Tulio Camino is. Just wanted everyone to know that i was not just someone ranting but someone who actually handles ECB & DOB violations. I just stress EVERYONE to research how to go about these violations and get correct information from LICENSED professionals, not vultures who hang out outside ECB court waiting to rip you off. by the way, that is where you can find Tulio Camino if you are really looking for him, he frequently rips off people going to ECB court.

  44. im glad he has AIDS...i hope he lives long and suffers. To the bastard who is posting to have patience. FUKK YOU! Tulio is a thief. No patience for crooks. I hope he gets mugged, abused, and raped with a plunger. He stole money and hurt a lot of people. I hope his AIDS ass end up in jail. Javeth is a tight pant wearing fagot. I hope his daddy gives him AIDS. All his sons are bastards. They are probably not even his real son!
    Maybe his fagot sons or himself is posting to have patience.
    Tulio and sons, realize one day you will die! no escape from death! May the dollars you stole from innocent people turn to dildo and get inserted in your anus.


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