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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Siren, Inc. Phoenix, AZ

Anonymous said...
Re: Siren, Inc
4411 S. 40th St.
Suite D8
Phoenix, AZ

Someone working for Siren checked off the box labeled 60 payments on the contract I signed after leaving my house. I verified this in discussions with Kelly S. at Dealer Financial Services by faxing a copy of the contract to her to compare with the one they have on file. Until I verified this, they had insisted I was obligated make these 60 payments amounting to thousands of dollars.
This despite the right of either party to cancel was clearly indicated in the contract.
After I initiated discussions with Nigel Sixmus (sp?) of Siren I received the unwelcome information from him that I might be liable for payments made by Siren to this Dealer Financial Services, and was even told I should retain an attorney. I don't understand this, as I had the alarm system installed for over 2 years by a different company and the only thing Siren did was replace the battery and agree to monitor the alarm.
This is predatory, deceitful and misleading and I have reported Siren to the Better Business Bureau of Phoenix and San Diego, and the Consumer Fraud department of California and Arizona.
The salesman was Brad (no last name given) his number is (619) 647-1683.
This action was the complete reason for my cancellation. A company I hire to watch my home and business must be trustworthy and honest, and Siren has not shown itself to be either.
Eventually after consulting with their attorneys Siren learned the contract was unenforceable due to their agent falsifying the contract, and I was told I would not be sued, or held liable for THEIR actions.
So Siren, thank you for not suing me after attempting to cheat me!

September 8, 2008 9:58 PM


  1. This person seems to be complaining that the company involved, did the right thing after checking with their attorneys. How crazy is that?

    I guess some people just like to complain for the sake of it! What a fool!

  2. LOL... Siren is notorious for things like this... Alarm systems through Automated Enviro is a good choice.

  3. I'm having the same type of issues with them. I have a blog up at detailing my situation. I'm glad to hear you got out of the contract.

  4. Anonymous...are you serious??? They tried to cheat her and you think she is crazy?? Only after being told by their own people they were crooks did they back off. What she should have done is gone after them legally and civilly. Maybe that stops them from doing it to the next 'little ol' lady' who doesn't know better. Because of this post, I will never use this company and I thank the poster.

  5. Why sign a contract that is a 60 month agreement. The check box is to ensure you are aware of the contract terms. Why sign it then? Because you can't say no, go away. Instead you sign and neglect to check the box when there are no other options accept refusing the system.

  6. I had the same kind of experience with Siren. I had a fully functional ADT system in my home , installed by the preivous owner of the condo - I was approached by a couple of salespeople who presented themselves as ADT and offered to activate the system - for free -- We talked - and I let them in and aagreed to the activation. The saleman filled out the "contract" - the usual: name address etc. etc. and gave it to me to sign. It wasa a long sheet of paper with very small print. I have macular degeneration and to me it was a grey sheet - I told him I couldn't read it and asked "What am I signing?" Oh - just what we talked abaout - just to confirm." I did sign it. I had the system here for a whole year, I am not using it and I decided to cancel the monitoring.l Then I found out that I had a contract for five years!!!!The salespeople lied to me. they obtained my signature fraudulently, dishonestly - and took advantage of my poor eye sight . They lied to me who they were - Siren was supposed to be "part of ADT - just local.." -
    I am still fighting to havae this "contract" cancelled --

  7. I am looking to get more information on how to take action against these crooks. Kyle, above has a blog that pops up immediately on top when you search for Siren. Here is the weird thing, that none of his pages show up when clicked on. There are at least 10 different pages on his website that I can see on the search engine results page but when clicked on, it just takes me to the official website. Does that make sense? They also put me in a 5 year contract when CA law states that they cannot be any longer than 2 years!!!

  8. When i click on it just takes me to the official siren site. There are many pages you can see on the search results for the "sucks" site that when clicked on, all get routed to the official home page. something is wrong here!

  9. This company SUCKS!!!!! My alarm accidentally went off for a long time, and when they called, I couldn't respond to the operator... they never sent someone! I even called the police station to ask if they received a call from the alarm company and they told me they didn't. Some crook is working out of his house. I am getting rid of this piece of shit company!!!!!!!!


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