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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

LG recorder Model#DR787T

Anonymous said...

This is a warning to anyone even considering buying a DVD recorder from LG. I purchased a $250 recorder from them, and within 4 months, the product (Model#DR787T)is useless, unless you just want to throw away your money. If you have a problem with LG products, Customer Service will be of NO help, and they will charge you an additional $73 just to look at it. My product stopped working after 1 month, and LG will not help. DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT!!!!!


  1. I too have this product. The LG model DR787T DVD Recorder. I bought it from Best Buy on 4/11/2008 for $183. It has been constant trouble. Very finicky on disk recording and playback. Half the time it will not read the disk and after "reading" for a minute or more, will return the error message "disk error". Several programs recorded have been lost, as recorder would not replay disk. (Twice I was still able to play the recorded disk on another DVD player. Go figure!) Sometimes it works if I just reinsert the disk several more times. Sometimes after cleaning the disk. And sometimes not at all. Unit has to frequently be reset (unplug for several minuters, thereby requiring reset of date and time) which doesn't always help.

  2. I bought this same unit from Best Buy for $183 back in April 08. I also have had nothing but trouble with it. It is very finicky about reading disks. Even with prerecorded DVD's, I frequently get disk error messages as the unit will not read them. Several times after recording a disk, this unit would not read it, but another DVD player would. Go figure!


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