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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Lamon Jewelers, "The Log Cabin Jewelry Store", Knoxville, TN

Anonymous said...
Lamon Jewelers, "The Log Cabin Jewelry Store", Knoxville, TN

While the store carries a great product line, DON'T buy an engagement ring and then have your fiance leave you and expect to be able to take the ring back to Lamon's! Not ONLY would Howard Lamon NOT take the ring back after 30 days, he suggested taking it to a PAWN shop. Mr. Lamon, is "supposed" to be a good Christian. He is only out for the MONEY. Does NOT want to really service "new" customers or customers he perceives as "different". Only the "old" Knoxville stoic money he is "used" to dealing with.


September 6, 2008 8:25 AM


  1. Dear Annonymous,
    sorry your fiance left you.. from your ignorant comments i'm sure she made a wise decision. No respectable jeweler is going to take back a ring that has been worn just because your proposal didn't work out. if there was something wrong with the ring or if she didn't like it then any jeweler would have taken it back, especially if it hadn't been worn. But since your soon-to-be wife wised up, that's not their problem.

  2. What an ignorant post. You bought the ring. There was nothing wrong with it. Why would the jeweler have to take a loss just because your fiance left you? Your personal relationships are not his responsibility. He sells a product. You wanted the product. You bought the product. He did his job. The end.

    And of course he's out to make money. That's what a business is. It's there for the people who own it to make money. That's what ALL businesses are out for. There's nothing wrong with that, as long as they aren't being unethical. Guess what? From what I read in your post, he WASN'T being unethical at all. Businesses are free to have whatever kind of return policy they want to have.

    The only one at fault here is you. There's nothing wrong with trying to take the ring back, but when you get told "no", it's time to get over it and move on.

  3. what a greedy answer I agree with the anonymous person Lamon jewelers is the money sucking can't watch a good show without those stupid comercials filling up good tv time.


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