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Thursday, September 4, 2008

International Legal Services, Inc out of Austin Texas said...
International Legal Services, Inc out of Austin Texas. Tony Davis is a paralegal who has found a way to make easy money. He plays on the emotions of family who want their loved one out of jail or prison, he states he has found the way to get millions of prisoners out by a title 18 against the United States. He promises quick release. I hired him in Sept of 2006. I paid him 10,500.00 for a 2255 motion and to add our name to the Supreme court petition. It was all a scam. I am now suing him. He is empty promises and no merit to these so called petitions that he ties up the courts w ith. Criminal attorneys now tell me that he is filing under a chapter 18 that is without merit and will never be passed as the govt will not release thousands of prisoners. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY. If you have merit for a case, hire a legal atorney, not a paralegal service.

August 21, 2008 7:51 AM

1 comment:

  1. Tony R. Davis has gained his knowledge of the law by being a criminal. His previous company, Forum Financial, was shut down by the FBI and he was put into prison because of it. This is where he got his paralegal degree....our tax dollars at work. If you check his website, you will see he does not give one name on it, always referring to "he" and never giving any names. Do your research, you wouldn't hire your roommate in prison to stand up for you in court, so why would you hire an ex-convict who stole millions from people in the past?


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