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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

ebay member katseventyseven (Kat Seventy Seven, Kat77)

Anonymous said...
ebay member katseventyseven is a crook. i purchasd a belt thru his acution on ebay. He took 8 days to even mail it to me and then the belt separated in two in many places as well as breaking in half at the buckle area.

He claims the belt is 100% leather which it isnt. It is only 50%. He goes on to bash china, japan ect as only producing fakes and junk yet that is exactly where the belt is made.

He refuses to answer and of the emails because he is a coward. I opened a paypal claim because it was definatly not as described. He responded finally to that and said the return the belt so long as I was not using it as a tug of war rope or pulling cars with it. He also states this belt is strong enough to do that and other things in the auction.

I return the belt in good faith and then he ignores me again. COWARD. I escalate it to a paypal claim and let them decide THINKING I WAS PROTECTED. (What a joke). I then had to have lung surgery. The day I got out of the hospital after ignoring me for 8 days, he calls and left very vulgar messages on my answering machine.

He then calls many times a day and decided to block the number. I had just gotten home and answered. He was rude and nasty and when I told him I was unable to talk due to the lung surgery and being intubated for 4 days. He told me to F OFF and hung up on me.

Then he went to ebay and filed an unpaid item dispute. PURE RETALIATION. I of course had paid. Why would the moron send items with out payment? How could I file paypal claim with out paying?

And of course I would not be writing this if I had won the dispute. That motherf*%$@$r won. He has my %31.95 and the broken belt that I am sure he will return to the manufacturer and get a new belt and be able to sell it again.

he is a lowlife coward

I hope you read this you piece of crap. KATSEVENTYSEVEN at ebay SUCKS

September 22, 2008 8:54 PM

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