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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Dell Laptop, and LoJack

May 07 bought Dell laptop, which had some problems resolved with tech support. Bought accident coverage as well as LoJack. Jul 08 had accident requested new system. Was sent one that belonged to someone else. Cannot read the screen, scratched,dirty,mal functioning power cord. Called dell the same day & was told a replacement would be sent. Over a month later, no replacement. Finally told am stuck with system. Also will not play DVD or some games I bought. Had to install another media player to get DVD to play. I bought McAfee & it was not installed on this system, that cost half the price of the system I returned. Found out that my system no longer being made, was being phased out when I bought it but Dell rep did not say anything about this, just what a great system I was purchasing, yeah for Dell it turns out to be a great purchase. Now I am still paying for this great system & own one that cost half of the one am paying, plus it does not work. Recommendation: NEVER PURCHASE FROM DELL,ESPECIALLY IF GOING THROUGH AAFES OR VA CANTEEN SERVICE. THEY SELL VETERANS USED AND/OR OUTMODED JUNK. ALSO THEIR REPLACEMENT WARRANTY PROGRAM IS A JOKE. AND IF YOU WANT TO SPEAK WITH SOMEONE WHO SPEAKS ENGLISH YOU MUST PURCHASE ($149.00 YR) CONTRACT TO DO SO, OTHERWISE YOU ARE LEFT WITH INDIAN CUSTOMER SERVICE & TRYING TO GET SOMEONE TO UNDERSTAND WHAT YOU SAID.

September 6, 2008 8:12 AM

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