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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Correia's Fencing in Providence, RI

Stef said...
Correia's Fencing in Providence RI

I hired this guy to replace my fence. He chopped the fence around my tree, not what I asked for. The fence is so far off the ground that it doesn't prevent animals from coming into the yard and the front of the fence has fallen off the house. He attached it with a nail and was crappy work!! I asked him to fix it, he still hasn't and he is mad I haven't paid him the rest of his money?? I think he should pay me for the POS job he did!!

September 17, 2008 11:27 AM


  1. correias fencing sucks please do not use them they are just all crackheads he does a very bad job on everything and he has 14 year olds that work for him!!!

  2. he doesnt know ho to put up pvc fence very well

  3. correias fencing isnt a good choice i rther put the fence up my self and im 67 years old i know ill do a better job than paul

  4. ive known paul for his messy work i rather hire a mechanic from pepboys to do my fence

  5. i had an estimate from paul and he didnt know how to read a tape measure

  6. paul is the worst fence man in USA

  7. i hate paul and his work its dissapointing paul if you read this please do yourself a favor and QUIT YOUR JOB!!!


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