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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Natalie Boot

Anonymous said...
Natalie Boot has been writing movies for 20 years,only noone will ever know about it, because people like carol berman, and kenny kimmel, her so called friends,have paid off everyone around her, and hired them to spy on her,steal her writing, then sell it, as their own..for almost 20 years! Dick weber,and her x husband, chris weber(X guns n roses...blablabla guitarist, has also cashed in on her writing, and accepted millions of dollars,15 years ago...but oops,forgot to mention it,and put it all in their joint bank account....(marriage....and she didnt even ask for alimony..which is probably why DICK and Chris,a father and son skank-team,posing as Hollywood writers, and sipping pina colladas at the Mullholland tennis club, with Drew Bernstein, the clothing designer..who AINT TOO PUNK ROCK ANYMORE..and couldnt give a F**K about her being copied and a bimbo standin,Kristina Ferare,who goes around,telling people she is related to the Ferrari family...and the MOB. Bullshit. She cant write a word,unless she's spying on Natalie Boot,via satellite...oh, and listen to this: THEY USE PULSE MACHINE ON NATALIE,TO MAKE HER UGLY...because the truth is, alot of morons,who would never have made a dollar...have unfortunately, made millions,and dont know what to do with their money! Donate it...or maybe you could all pool a few bucks together, and pay the real writer...Natalie Boot. Hopefully her next movie, will star all of cheap stupid bimbo hooker yourselves. NO CLASS,spying?Whats that got to do with art? Anyone who knew,she was being used for two SCUM.ANd that was all her roommates,all her dads x girlfriends,all her dads friends,all her moms friends, and every boyfriend and best friend shes had...on payroll now...and then you have all their relatives,wives,dates,hookers,and parents...and the biggest vultures of all?HER RELATIVES.

September 9, 2008 6:46 AM

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