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Sunday, August 24, 2008

teamster/seagal city councel code black

Anonymous said...
what in the hell ar you doing to me ...
teamster/seagal city councel code black.
white house d.c
documents certified
18631/2 blake los angeles, califas.
who in the hell are these white people who have businesses in ower town. They do not offer us jobs they are only white and to themself. less thatn 50people that are working.having government personal work illegal of attorney.who are they cia people working for the president posse. this residental area is a true private coommunity that is run by the Republican as in one. re:indian of latina
public:ordinary an park and recII&I recreation. I am aware of specific address its race i believe trying to get a buck for nothing as in panhandle, scandal, For s shouldnt of had been close down just to have people identity covered that is ..met life blim as well these street over here are special to me an dyou white people are ruining things and I am havoing some investigating it as well.. arco...chevron.all my other goodies.They said that they had 4 s close down due to these people. Met life blimp on blimp street.what are you doing playing golf with my money ???? how many hole have you putt.proctor and gamble is my company.I do not like getting threats out of this community and I sure do not like that I know what is really going on in this community and this white lady next door betty white. I dont need this lady. I believe that these little busineses should be close down due to bi cential races......
And replace with private community and a golf course or park. get rid of these filthy liars...

August 20, 2008 12:07 PM

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