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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Genreal Comment/complaint/question

Anonymous said...
not sure what to write but here it goes. it is being ripped off from pay that i earned from work. i had a account at the bank but had to cancel it and stop the direct deposit. i had sent in the stop the direct deposit to the company i work for. well the check never made it to me or according to them they had never recieved it either. i do have the pay stub that is sent to me when it is put in the bank. and the bank said that it was sent back. the date on the pay stub is for 7-31-08 and now the date is 8-10-08 still did not get the pay. seems that the pay we were to get 8-08-08 i never did get that as well. so i called the head supervisor and he had said the check for 8-08-08 is being looked in to. when i ask about the one for 7-31-08 his reply was they can not find it. i can not figure why they can not find it. i sure did not get it. so it had to go back to them. the company is called busy bee janitorial service and they are in dover. new hamsphire. seems to me that they are playing a game on me. i earned that check and i think i have the right to get it. thank you so much.

August 10, 2008 5:58 AM

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