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Friday, August 29, 2008

Digital Stream model 15-150 converter box

Anonymous said...
Is anyone out ther having this problem with Digital Stream model 15-150 converter box?

Message: I purchased two model 15-150 's through Radio Shack. After two months the red LED power light would not longer indicate the color -green-for power on. The box still functioned okay but the power LED stayed red all the time. I power cycled the box and it still did the same thing-the power LED stayed red all the time eventhough the converbox worked okay. I returned the box to Radio Shack (where they duplicated the problem) and got another one. After another twp months the new box is doing the same thing. I called your technocal support and they said to return the box to Radio Shack. It is a forty mile trip for me to visit Radio Shack. If I continue to visit Radio Shack everytime the LED stops working I am going to run up an awful fuel bill!!? What is going on? Sounds like you have a design problem with your box. The only thing I know to do is go into the internet and mark your item as flawed or poorly designed. I don't want to run back and forth to Radio Shack everytime the LED malfunctions? Also I don't feel I should pay shipping charges for the box mailed back to you! Again-Whats going on with that box??

August 29, 2008 10:46 AM

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