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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Dell Issues

Anonymous said...
NEVER BUY ANY DELL PRODUCTS!!! Dell computer corporation once was the number 1 computer manufacturer in the world. I have been a dedicated Dell user for over 8 years, and the times I did have any problems they were addressed instantly. Over the yaers I have purchased 7 laptops, 3 desktops, 3 flat panel monitors, aprinter, a digital camera, along with many other accessories. I believed in Dell, so after the motherboard fried on my last laptop after 2 years of heavy use. it was a no brainer, order another Dell, a e1705/9400. Well after recieving the new laptop, it was nothing but problems, within the first 9 months every part on the laptop had been replaced, including the harddrive on 3 occasions. And throughout all my problems I nspent in excess of a hundred hours on the phone getting problems resolved, getting transferred from 1 department to another, only having to again repeat my problems, and the next day onsite warranty that cost me an additional $240.00, well that next day service turned into more like a next week, or whenever we get around to it warranty. When I called to complain. I would be told that I would be transferred to a manager, placed on hold forever only to be disconnected or more often than not, simply hung up on, or the times I would get through I was told it would be escalated, and I would get a call back. which would never come. I would call to inquire as to why I was never called back, only to be lied to, with poor excuses that they called and recieved my voice mail, which is funny, since I dont have voicemail, and on the days the calls were promised to be made I would forward my calls to my cell phone, which number I had given them also because they would never give me a specific time that they would call, only to be told I would be called in the next 24-48 hours. And I have caller ID on my home phone and on my cell phone, and Dell's number never showed up on either number ever. I would ask to have them email me, which I was always told they couldn't do. A computer manufacturer that cant send out emails? And then there were the numerous times that after providing all the required information to the supposed customer service I was then told that thier servers were down and to call back in 4 hours. Great advertising for a company that manufactures servers huh? And mind you that before I purchased the new laptop I was unaware of how Dell had fired and layed off over 10-20,000 American employeees, and outsourced the building and tech support to overseas locations. Had I known this beforehand, this alone would have made me rethink buying Dell, as I am a firm believer in buying American products. By buying American made products it helps the American econonmy and not that of a communist country (China), where they pay thier employees substandard wages. I guess Michael Dell felt that outsourcing as many jobs as possible to foreign countries that he could make even more profits by paying these poor people the cheaper labor costs, and said the hell with the Americans whom built his company into the company that it once was. And mind you whenever I bought a Dell laptop I always added the extra year complete care warranty because laptops are exposed to more possible damage. Well after so many parts being replaced on the Dell e1705, and another problem arose, that they couldn't fix Dell sent me what they called an upgraded model, the 1720. Within 5 days of recieving this supposed laptop, it fried completely, and they had to send out another replacement, so another wait of over 2 weeks, only to again have problems on multiple occassions, the video card failed, the harddrive failed twice, and they changed thier policy on having a tech sent to me, and determined that these parts were vnow to be replaced by me. They sent me the wrong harddrive twice, I paid extra for the 7,200 rpm drive and was sent the 5,400 harddrive, plus the harddrives were supposed to be pre-loaded with all the software, but I was sent completely blank drives which would not allow me to install windows on them. The parts were sent to me without any return labels, and when I called to get a return shipping label I was told that if no return shipping label came with the part, that I was not required to return the defective parts to Dell. After having so many problems with the replacement computer I was told that because of all of my time and hassle that they would send me an upgraded system, only to have this order canceled, first with the excuse that I did not return the previous replacement computers, even though thier website showed the credit for the return of the units, I then told them I was going to file a lawsuit against Del corporation for breach of contract, and then they changed the excuse that they did not recieve any replacement parts back to them, some dating back to over a year ago, and some of those replacements were dispatched to the tech who replaced the parts and took the defective parts with them, and since I could not provice tracking numbers, I woulg have to pay for the parts or they would no longer honor my warranty and a hold was placed on my account, so for the last 4 months I have had a $1,500 paper weight. And the hardrives that were placed on my laptop have a value placed on them of over $400.00 each, screws that were included priced at $10.50 each . The same harddrives you can purchase on thier website for $129.00!!!So they now tell me I will have to provide them tracking numbrts from over a year and a half old, or pay them for every dispatch sent to repair my computer, including parts that did not include return shipping labels, and those that had a statement saying that the part was not required to be returned to dell, to get my warranty re-instated. After complaining through emails and phone calls, I was told that this was forwarded to the legal department and that they would refund me the price I paid for my extended somplete care and would recieve a letter from thier legal department stating this, and a credit would be issued within a week. Well more than 3 weeks later, still no credit, nor any letter from the legal department. During this entire time I was never sent any invoices or bills for the items they say I did not return. When I called Dell financial services regarding the credit promised to me, I was told that no credits can be issued until the hold is removed from my account!!!! Dell has went to hell and it shows due to all of the complaints made for these exact reasons, and thier declining sales that once had them rated as the number 1 computer manufacturer has now been overtaken by HP, plus thier declining stock value proves them to be on a continuing downward spiral. And they still publish on thier website that they are the number 1 computer company!!! talk about false advertising. All they care about anymore is getting the customers money, and once that's accomplished vthey write you off as another chumped customer. Hence the class action lawsuit filed by the attourney general of New york which was won, and Dell fined over @ billion dollars in fines for deceptive business practices. I just hope that other states file the same class action lawsuits against Dell. Also Dell makes it impossible to get the contact information for thier legal department so noone can file a lawsuit against them. They have broken the law concerning my case, and I will file a concilliation court claim against them. I did many hours of research on the internet, and was able to find the contact information of a member of Dell's legal department which is : Correspondence Information: Daniel J. Noonan (authorized Dell legal team member, even though his specialty is patents and trademarks
One Dell Way
Round Rock, Texas 78682
512-283-6483(fax) , or try . This is all public information found on the following link : .If you plan on filing a lawsuit against Dell, I would reccomend you to file it in concilliation court in the state you reside in, and have the sherrif serve him with the summons at his Dell office. Maybe if enough people do so, Dell will get the point. Make sure your clam is legitimate, as Dell can counter sue you for costs incurred by them, and a judgement could be entered against you. A very unhappy Dell customer who woulg never reccomend anyone to buy any Dell products unless you like to be lied to, and recieve inadicate customer care, have a lot of time to waste, and are looking for an expensive paperweight. SEarch the web. Check out the results of Dell complaints. Check out the sites : WWW.IHATEDELL.NET , WWW.COMPLAINTS.COM , search thier database for dell. There are hudreds of web blog sites with dell hell stories. Just search and you will see. Anyone want to trade a broken 1720 laptop for a smaller paperweight? Also, there must be something to the many problems with the inspiron 1720 model, as Dell no longer offers it for sale on thier site. It was on the market for about a year. Any inducations of a problem? Guess they can no longer find the cheapest parts once available to make it any longer?

August 16, 2008 4:22 PM

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