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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Carl's Jr restaurant located at 1250 W. Colton, Redlands CA

Anonymous said...
I'd like to bring to light a complaint I have. I have pasted an email I have sent to Carl's Jr located at 1250 W. Colton, Redlands CA.

I like you to know that we do not live in Redlands but travel here weekly, and that is why we choose Redlands to have our daughters wedding here and would have other functions also if not for this situation.

I hope this helps the city in meeting the needs of businesses and visitors to your beautiful city. I would seriously suggest that the permit process is reviewed with regards to noise and alcohol use in public/private (open) places.

We really did miss out on a beautiful reception for my daughter. I did not go into the foul comments (nor will I) that were being called over the fence by the car show participants to the females attending the wedding.

Pasted email below...
This is not actually pertaining to a visit except that I had went in to ask the manager to have a talk with a car club that was having a show in the Carl's Jr parking lot to see if they could turn the subs volume down. My daughters wedding reception was being held at Tennessee Gardens which is next to the Carl's Jr parking lot. The owner of Tennessee Gardens had sent their employees over numerous times to the car show organizers to ask if they could turn the volume down and was repeatedly ignored. We choose this sight because of a few family members that have hearing aliments (they could not stay for the whole reception due to subs volume, they left at 8:30pm) and it is far back from heavy traffic except for the parking lot which is at higher level then the garden reception area.

Now to my complaint. I first went to the car show organizers to also ask if they would turn down the subs but was affronted with abuse and verbal insults. They also suggested that I send over a man to file a complaint so they beat the **** out of him. After meeting with this type of response I went over to the restaurant and asked if I could speak with the manager and was informed that he was not available. I then asked them if the car show was being allowed by Carl's Jr the use of the parking lot, and was informed that they were and had a permit. I then informed the employee that they were repeatedly asked to lower the volume of the subs by both Tennessee Gardens and myself, the request was greeted with insults and invited to do violence on anyone else that came by to request the volume be turned down. The response that I received by your employee was that they had a permit and that the restaurant had a right to make money with the car show event. I asked the employee at that point to please send over a manager when they were available. This was at 9:45pm (approx.) and the reception went on until 11pm at which the manager never did come by to see to our complaint. The subs just got louder and even a few beer bottles were dropped on tossed over to the driveway/parking area of the reception area. We did contact the police but since we had left at 11pm we do not know if they showed up, they did not come by to talk to us.

I have had many functions with many of the Carl's Jr. corp. restaurants thru the years with my children’s different groups, but we had always made sure the group was orderly. I understand that the restaurants need to make money but you might want to make sure that the groups holding the functions are good neighbors and not drinking (alcohol) on the premises, and inconsiderate of others holding functions. I know that it is not your responsibility to police, but if you allow functions at your locations then it is your responsibility to make sure they are orderly. I would seriously not let the car show that was at this location on August 16th 2008 again the use of your location. After talking with the owner of Tennessee Gardens it has only been the last few weeks that this same car show club been using the restaurant and every time has been met with the same foul language and possible violence if complaints kept coming. Michele (owner) of Tennessee Gardens is at a loss for what has been happening to her business due to this.
I had informed her that we had intended to have 4 more functions within the year at her location, but due to this we will NOT be using her location for our functions. She is losing a bit of money due to this. I hope you will better train your employees on customer relations with regards to complaints and the use of your locations for functions.

Please note that the wedding ceremony started at 6pm the dinner/reception started at 7pm and what suppose to be the bride and grooms first dance to be at 8/8:30pm which did not occur due to not being able to hear the music we had paid ($1,500) the DJ for. It is also my understanding that Michele went over to the restaurant to ask for assistant with the group and was ignored by Carl Jr's employees.

August 23, 2008 4:20 PM

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