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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Bank of america

karen said...
Bank of america is giving a insurance called smart step access to members acc.and allowing them to bill you for an invisible life insurance.many have been billed for yrs.I caught it 8-8-2008 when they did it to me .I am fighting for my money back as others and bank america playing dumb.There is a class action on it now.Be sure to join if this has or might yet happen to you.Enterprize car rental in cleveland at 1501 s leehighway ALSO ARE CROOKS they do not return your 150.00 deposit.After hundreds to and from corporate never resolved they refused to reply to BBT.So the BBT told me that all they could do was but my warning out about them.The chattanooga branch is excellent it is to bad their good work could be of know avail do to Ben grady and HILARY at the cleveland branch may make me look for another company.I wonder since corp. ignored BBT. did they and the cleveland tennessee branch split the money they illegally kept the issue was 6-14-2008.Companies do not really seemed concerned when franchises do not follow their policies.So why should the good franchises try so hard when their own company do not.Of couse I was told by sorry they will fix the date is 8-14-2008 two months later what do you think.And keep in mine I have rented several times since 6-14-2008 at the chattanooga tenneessee branch they are professional.But may lose me due to enterprize it)s self.Thank you Karen

August 14, 2008 1:44 AM

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