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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Anonymous said...
I purchased a home in Foresthill and 3 months after I, we, wanted our handyman to stain our decking and seal it well to find out the decking was all rotted and very bad after calling realitor he said call pest control called pest control he finally came on out and said if he would have inspected decking front and back it would have never passed I told the realitor he said call a contrator and I did est. 18,000 I called realitor he said you can get all kinds of different bids from contrator he was coming to take pic's and which he did when our handyman was here again took a few then was going to get back to us never did I e mailed called many many times well called 3 days ago and he said he would get back to the ajent that was the seller as this fellow represented us. He told us we didnt need to inspect this is what we paid for an inspector it will now be 3 years in Sept and nothing has been done other than our handy man fixed a few boards so we wouldnt fall down the decking and thats a far fall... Bob Walters was his name and works for Stoneridge reality as well his wife was doing our loan to find out she wasnt even lic call about a real fool we were and now look still looking for help to get this done....They all got there money and so we get screwed???????? Thats not right at all......BY the way the wife never finished the loan someone else did and we thought we had a fixed rate lol now we didnt and its ajustable and now we are really having finanical problems just not right...........

August 2, 2008 6:58 PM

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