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Wednesday, August 6, 2008


My name is Gwen Anderson; I live in Orem, Utah and I buried my wonderful 95 year old father in October 2007. He was healthy, doing yard work, riding the bus, doing church work and traveling to his favorite store, until he fell off the bus near Ream's Store in Provo one day. It was a fatal experience, as he had to have a brain operation to relieve a huge hematoma from the fall which was too much for his body at that age, and after three months of trying to recover, all his systems shut down.

ALERT USA is a company out of New York that provides a necklace and bracelet for elderly people who can activate a call for help if they fall - We ordered the system at his request a few months before he fell (the bracelet and necklace do nothing for you if the fall takes place outside of your home). After his death, I sent a death certificate to Alert USA and asked them to stop charging Monitoring Services and Late Fees as he was no longer alive to use the equipment. Every time I was ignored. They said they needed all fees paid, including the fee ($350) for the unreturned equipment (a plastic electronic gizmo not worth $25 in reality) and a lost pendent (fee for this was $60). I told them I couldn't return anything as my father's house was cleaned out by well meaning friends and relatives who had no idea what the equipment was and everything was thrown out with clothes, old furniture and equipment, etc. I asked for a reasonable settlement, but was never acknowledged - I was told twice that someone in charge would contact never happened, either verbally or in writing.

Bills continue to come and now it is August 2008 and they are requesting $617 which includes $350 for the equipment, $60 for the pendent, $73.50 TWICE for monitoring even though they have been informed he is deceased, and $45 in late fees. There is only one person who answers the customer service calls, she never informs whoever sends the bills, and they simply do not respond in any reasonable way - just continue to send the invoices.

Is there any way you can help our family? Any advice you may give? Should we contact the BBB or a Consumer Advocate group or is there an attorney who can help us for a reasonable fee?

Thank you for any time or help you can give.

August 6, 2008 7:15 AM

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