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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Straight Shot Express (Main terminal located in Neenah, Wisconsin)

Just_Me said...
Straight Shot Express (Main terminal located in Neenah, Wisconsin) Anybody in their right mind, wouldn't even think about working there. Their fuel card wasn't accepted at a fuel stop after I had already filled up, I contacted dispatch and after I was informed that I would be reimbursed the following day, I paid for it with my credit card, after several phone calls to Neenah, I was finally reimbursed six weeks later. They found a loop-hole in the law; they pay no overtime pay, one can work 60 hours in one week but you still get paid your straight hourly wage. I was unemployed at the time that they offered me a job so I had no choice but to take the job. Their payscale is: $8.50 per hour to drive a van, $10.50 per hour for a Class B license & $13.50 per hour for a Class A license (They'll give you a $1.00/hour if you have Hazmat endorsement)If you do work for this crooked company DON'T THINK about quitting, you'll be fighting tooth and nail to get your lastcheck. I got a better offer elsewhere, I called and the manager if he could mail me last check and he agreed to do so. It's going on 9 days now since he claimed to mailed it, it should take no more than three days for it come across town. When I called to ask about my check, they tell me that if I want to pay the fees, they will stop payment on that check and issue another one. I've since contacted the Labor Board in hopes of getting the money that is rightfully mine. At the Rockford, Illinois terminal, there's a dispatcher there that has a brother driving for the company (Go figure) he is the one that gets all of the money making runs, after your first week of working there, your hours will be cut to virtually nothing and you'll be struggling to live. They don't care about you, they are still making their money, unless you are related to the dispatcher or you are a female. Yes, sexual harassment runs rampant at the Rockford terminal. Just a warning, STEER CLEAR OF THIS COMPANY UNLESS YOU ARE DESPERATE

July 20, 2008 7:18 AM

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