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Friday, July 4, 2008

Nu Life Trash Disposal Service

vincent228 said...
i signed with nu life trash disposal service in wallingford, ct on 6-12. i gave the gentleman a check and signed a contrack stating they were to pick up my trash 6-19 for the first time and provide a trash barrel and recycling bin prior to 6-19 to put my trash bags in. on 6-18 i called and left a message (no one answers the phone all day) that i still have no can or bin. they did not pick up the trash bags left on the side of the road on 6-19-8. i called that day and left a message once again that they were supposed to pick up. on monday "6-23-08" the owner paul called me and said there was a "mix-up" and they would have a bin and barrel dropped off "that day". as of 6-25-9 i still had no trash barrel or bin. i called them again and spoke to the owner and said he had breached the contract i had. i am cancelling any services with them because as of yet i received "no services" from them. i staed i wanted no service to start and i wanted my check (which had not been cahed yet according to the bank) returned because i had almose 2 weeks of trash piled up and my neighbors were complaining, so i re-signed with my old company (all-waste)that garenteed they would pick up my trash "that week".
the owner paul told me he would honor that and return my check.
on 7-1-08 nu-life dropped off a trash receptacle and recycle bin (which would have meant the would have missed 2 1/2 weeks of trash pick ups at that point). i called nu life and once again all day got voice mail. i left a message asking them to pick up the barrel and bin because i was not their customer and explained the conversation with the owner. no one called me back. on 7-4-08 no one had picked up the barrel and bin (which now seem to be my responsibility to make sure nothing happened to and get to take up space on my property) and to add insult to injury, on 7-4-08 my "check was cashed !!!!!!!!!!"
i am at wits end with this company that breaks every rule in the book and can still be in busuness.
and by the way, their address listed on the web is incorrect. it is actually a residence that doesnt answer the door when you knock on it.


July 4, 2008 7:47 AM

1 comment:

  1. Did you check to make sure your address was even visible? I recently signed with them, and they've been great so far. The service has been prompt, and the staff has been courteous. I find it HIGHLY unlikely that things unfolded in the exact manner you say, especially based on the positive experience I've had with them. I'm sure there's another side to this story, or else some "details" were colored in incorrectly...


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