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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Great Bear Inn West Glacier, MT

Anonymous said...
Please do not stay at the Great Bear Inn. You will be ripped off. When we arrived, we got the grand tour from the owner. She called her help brain dead and said they often did not do what they were asked but if we did run out of anything we were to ask them to fetch it for us. She stated this in front of my 10 and 8 year old grandsons and then got mad and demanded an apology when the young boys mentioned this to the help. She also asked my grandsons to lie if any officials came around asking questions. We found out when she was arrested on our last night that she had a restraining order against her opening the lodge until she had a passed inspection on her septic system, which she never got. We stayed because it is Glacier and it is impossible to get other accomodations. We were on a family vacation and besides she had already charged the credit cards 45 days before we arrived. Non-refundable. We were lucky. She charged us only $360 a night for a cabin. Other people with reservations had to leave the next day because the sheriff's office would not let them stay in the lodge. Other people moved to the cabin we had been in because of the excursion reservations they had. The manicured grounds are dirt.
The horseshoe pit was not.
The hot tub did not exist The private patio does not exist. The pool table does. So do the 5 dogs that roam the grounds and frighten the guests. All the area around the lodge and the cabins is dirt. PERIOD. There are 2 cabins along with the lodge. That is the extent of the ammenities around the place. The horse facilities do not exist. The golfing area also does not exist. The lodge is on 4 miles of bad dirt road. The owner does not have a license to open the place because of an unpermitted septic system. The owner was arrested for opening to the public with a restraining order on her to not open.

July 22, 2008 10:04 PM


  1. This comment is entirely unfair and we've discovered is inaccurate. Imagine if you had a brand new business and red tape delayed your permission past the due opening date. I would rather the pure Montana dirt outside my beautiful cabin upon opening than not staying and being forced to stay at the poor alternative accommodation around West Glacier. And the dogs are beautiful and friendly, not at all like the comment above.
    The bottom line is that an opening glitch years ago should not color people's judgement on what is now a beautiful and fulfilling lodge with a stunning backdrop and superb accommodation.

  2. For readers' information, the lodge is now beautifully landscaped and the owners are a pleasure, including the son who is a great chef.

    Any business has glitches when starting, and the above comment is now tired and out of date.
    Criticising lovable pet dogs is also misplaced.

    The Great Bear Inn is certainly the most desirable place to stay at that we know of around Glacier National Park.

    We have no connection with the owners and come from the other side of the world.

  3. Just stayed here last weekend. Had a blast and was treated great by all staff.

    Dogs were great. Everything was clean and organized. Good people all around.

    Keep up the good work, Susan.

    Eddie and Jen


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