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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

'American Mediation' or 'American Mediation & Alternative Resolutions'

Anonymous said...
If you happen to fall into debt and find yourself been served court papers and recieve a letter from 'American Mediation' or 'American Mediation & Alternative Resolutions',DO NOT I repeat DO NOT SEND THEM ANY MONEY!!! They will state that if you pay them they will come to a medium with the creditors and you will not have to go to court. And if you do have to appear in court you will get a full refund. WRONG!!! They will give you such a run aroud you head will not only spin but just about explode in anger. So keep what money you can and do not work with 'American Mediation' aka 'American Mediation & Alternative Resolutions'.

July 29, 2008 8:07 AM

1 comment:

  1. I am terribly sorry for your experience with American Mediation. Please detail which office you had trouble with so that I may notify the appropriate channels. We do try to do everything we can to help people who cannot afford an attorney or the time away from work to attend court. I have recently modified the fee structure for American Mediation Nationwide. In the past, offices put in the time and labor to provide amicable resolutions and sometimes had to EAT the costs of uncovering these resolutions when defendant's would bounce a check and disconnect their phone. When shoplifters try to get something for nothing, we all pay the penalty by way of over inflated prices and inconvenient security measures. The refund policy was in place to help ease people's minds about American Mediation. However no resolution can ever be predicted or garaunteed in this business. There are costs incurred in labor and the drafting of paperwork. We do however, have working relationships with these plaintiff attorney's that can give the mediator a rough outline of what to expect. That mediator should be upfront about his experience with the plaintiff attorney and the likelyhood that they can uncover a resolution that can fit within your individual definitions of acceptibility. The fee structure is now fair and balanced. When calling our office, you are now pre-qualified to see if you are even a candidate for our services. If it is decided that our services could be helpful to a defendant, we charge half of our fee up front to cover our costs IF the defendant disappears. If we are not able to come to an amicable resolution then we charge no additional fees. If we are able to uncover an amicable resolution, we will then work with you on how and when you can pay the remainder of our fee. We can split the fee up, post date checks etc. to try to help make our fees more manageable for people that need help. I am truly sorry for any negative experience you had with an American Mediation office and assure you that we strive to keep a high level of integrity and ethics in the services we provide. Warmest Regards - Damon Meade


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