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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Wolfe Roofing, Wolfe Contracting

Anonymous said...
My house was slammed by a tornado 3/6/08. I hired Bryan Wolfe - Wolfe Roofing/Wolfe Contracting to replace the roof before the ins. settled. Mr. Wolfe is a local contractor who stated that he has been in business in this city for over 35 years. He approached every homeowner who had damage and made each a oral promise. He said that he would go ahead and do the necessary work and would accept what the ins. paid. He has not answered my letters and has even gone so far as to retain an attorney who sent me an ugly horrible letter threatening to sue me for slander and telling me to shut up. Mr. Wolfe charged me over $54000.00 for approx $1700.00 worth if shingles. He won't provide me copies of receipts for materials purchased for this house. He attempted to charge me to repair 22 windows - I have 18 --repair more vents than requested. He attempted to charge me for work that I did not request. He wanted over $3800.00 to paint the trim on a 1300 SF house. This is clearly price gouging. He charged me $300.00+ twice for an upgrade and will not refund that amount either. I have all the prices, figures and numbers on documents in his handwriting, on his letterhead from his computer.
He was corrupt and sneaky enough to rip me off for an amount that will cost me more to retain an att to collect than what I lost to him. I would also like to atate that I believe that Mr. Wolfe uses illegal help and avoids paying tha ma fair wage let alone benifits.

June 7, 2008 5:52 PM

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