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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Perfect Stone Masonry

Anonymous said...
Perfect Stone Masonry that is run by Vanessa Cadena is not a place that you want to work with. She hit a friend of mine and then denied that she did anything. She is a liar and a scam artist! You do not want to do business with someone who will lie just to save their own hides.

June 20, 2008 11:17 PM

1 comment:

  1. Hi , Now Listen you are not alone on this. If she hit your friend your friend should had reported her to the local authories in your
    state and town. Also file a complaint against her at the
    Federal Trade Commission. File
    a complaint against her a the of your state and town.
    I know that your frined might not
    can't afford to loose her job.
    But if so it's okay. Does your
    friend have any witnesses that seen this action with her supver
    or person who hit her. If so
    keep those witnesses close and
    document this action and send an
    unknown letter with no names to
    the Corporate Office of the business your friend works for.
    After that don't stress about this. Go further and Talk to
    the General Attorney in your
    State and let them know about this what all has happened to you.
    Also if you case goes before a
    Judge. Let your Attorney General
    and Judge know about all your
    personal suffering. We as people
    suffer from something situations such as this. Because i bet this
    was your only source of income.
    If so big mistake. I know this
    might throw you off on the conversation a little bit but you
    must be told this. Have more
    than one income today our economy
    is real bad and it's a really bad
    time right now. Everyone that's reading this that is broke and
    have gone through been scammed and all sorts of situations. You got
    to have more than one income I'm
    a woman doing it. I'm working
    two to three jobs right now trying
    to get my finances back right after being a victim of a work at
    home scam. So find a legal job and
    work more than one. Now back to the main topic here you got to report this okay. You simply can't be a chicken. You will save other people from letting this happen to them. I hope you take care of yourself. Be strong and report this what happened to you. okay
    May Jod Bless your sistuation in
    recovering from this. I will put
    you in all my prayers because I am a warrior of the most high God
    Jesus Christ. There is nothing too big for God. I wish you well.


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