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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Kirby Vaccum

Anonymous said...
I had a phone call in the middle of May 2008 a gentleman asked me "How would you like to get a room shampooed for FREE?" He said I know your not in th market to buy just so you recommend us. I thought well I do have a small livingroom with a stain and the gentleman said oh we can get that out. It only takes 45 min for the whole presentation. I said ok, then hesaid how about May 19th I said fine. The gentleman came to the door on May 19th his name is Mitch I let him in he was a KIRBY dealer.He went through the presentation and said if I did not want the KIRBY vaccuum cleaner or if I had to think about it he said his boss told him he would have to keep repeating the presentation until I said yes.I told him I would have to think about it thats a huge purchase.He said I had to take it today at the best price of 1,500.00.HE KEPT TELLING ME I HAD TO BUY IT or his boss would make him restart the demonstration. Well I decided to buy it but,he did not give me a new one he gave me the one he demonstrates with. It took 2 hrs. not 45 min.So then he left and I didn't feel that I made the right decision. Then I did some research and called my sister because she got a KIRBY. My sister told me she took hers back and got a HYLA vaccuum instead it's the best vaccuum on the market today. So on May 20th the next day I went to the post officeto mail my cancelation noticebecause I had 3 days to cancel. I called Mitch up to tell him at 10:00am to come pick up the KIRBY and that I wanted to buy the HYLA. Mitch argued with me and told me that the HYLA is no good that they will be going out of business and that nothing cleans better than the KIRBY.I told him that my sister brought her HYLA over to my house. I used the KIRBY after that my sister used her HYLA. I told Mitch the HYLA wins hands down no questions asked. Mitch told me he wantedf my sister to set up an apointment he wanted to see this.I said shes busy he says will you go over there and get it. I said no. He said when you get your HYLA call me so I can see this. I called the KIRBY office in Appleton and talked to the manager and told him I want this KIRBY picked up please. He says I heard you want the HYLA I said yes then he said there going out of business and the KIRBY is better. I said listen here I don't want this KIRBY I need someone to pick it up today. The manager was rude and hung up on me. Mitch came to pick up the KIRBY May20th at 1:00pmand asked me if there was anything he could do to change my mind I said no. Mitch said how about I take off another 500.00 So instead of 1,500.00 it would be 1,000.00. I said no he said he was charging me for the cleaning of the vaccuum cleaner. I said you can't do that you gave me the one you used to shampoo my carpet with. Shampooing my carpet was free. So I received this letter and my jaw dropped because he lied I never used any tools and he stated I filled 1/2 the bag when I barely used it Mitch told me in his presentation it takes 6 months to fill 1/2 a bag whos lieing now. I'm writing this letter to try to help others so they don't get taken advantage of. they did charge me 145.00 to clean the KIRBY. BUYERS BEWARE THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME

June 17, 2008 1:13 AM

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