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Friday, June 6, 2008


Anonymous said...
On May 21st 2007, I purchased a 2005 SL500 from EuroMotorcars. I paid full retail price of $60K and traded my 2005 E320 CDI(not too bright of a move)and received the wholesale price of $25K. This information is important to show that the dealer made plenty of money on this sale. On the drive home I noticed the wheels were out of balance. After returning from vacation on the 26th I noticed that the car was lopsided (Right side lower than Left), also noticed a message indicating scheduled maintenance B was due. That day I took the car to my local dealer, it was raining and the wipers blades did not work. The dealer balanced the wheels, replaced the wiper blades, and did a short test & flushed the ABC system (Got the car back on the 29th). I sent the bill for the balancing & wiper blades to EuroMotorcars and they paid that bill. On the morning of the 30th I noticed the car was still lopsided(Right much lower than left). On Monday morning June 2nd, I scheduled the car for repair to be done on Wednesday the 4th. That Monday afternoon at the dentist office the car would not start, called roadside assistance for a jump, and then drove to the dealership and had a new battery installed. My problem is that this was a CPO car, and should be free of these (should have known) problems. I don't know exactly what CPO entails but would hope that the above problems would be uncovered in the certification process. This car was sitting on the showroom floor when I purchased it, it's hard to believe no one noticed the car was lopsided. So far I have lost 9 hours of my time and 5 days use, and have owned the car for only 2 weeks. I have been driving Mercedes since 1976 (When it was not only a great car, but made financial sense to own one). I'm having a hard time making the switch from MB, but feel I have no other intelligent choice. (I still have fond memories of my first 1969 250). It's sad, but I am starting to understand why people might switch to Lexus or BMW.

June 6, 2008 6:25 AM

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