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Monday, June 16, 2008

DREWS HEATING AND AIR in cincinnati, oh

Anonymous said...
Awhile back our central air started to act up so we hired this man that had his own business and was cerifed in heating and air. His business is called "DREWS HEATING AND AIR" in cincinnati, oh. The owner of this company, his name is Floyd Drew .
Well instead of fixing our C/A, he caused parts to burn up which resulted in parts being replaced and then he swore it was fixed, 2 days later, the C/A went out again and then had to threaten a lawsuit to have him fix it correctly which it finally did get fixed. But the one thing that really concerns me about this certain business besides their lack of knowledge in A/C repair is that he has a helper that goes to homes with him that is a register sex offender that was charged with having sex with a young lil girl and he is aware of it and knew that when bringing him to peoples home. I came acrossed this information when i was researching on how many sex offenders live in our area and his pic came up and I was shocked.. I understand it's hard for sex offenders to find work but a company such as one like this, really shouldnt be hiring registered sex offenders to go to residents homes without the resident being aware of it.
This business really concerns me, thier lack of knowledge and the helpers that they hire. I really wouldnt recommend this company to anyone.

June 15, 2008 8:23 PM

1 comment:

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