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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

United States Post Office (Wykagyl Post Office,Quaker Ridge Rd., New Rochelle, NY)

Anonymous said...
I have a very serious complaint against my United States Post Office (Wykagyl Post Office,Quaker Ridge Rd., New Rochelle, NY). There is a clerk at this office (I won't mention any names), she's the lady who's mostly there during the eves. I ship packages about 5 times/month. The clerk thinks she's a comedian, with a funny comment or remark almost every other minute (you know the type!). I don't mind humor, in fact I usually love it, but one day she says to me "oh boy you're mailing ebay junk again? I didn't mind the comment, but the stuff I was mailing wasn't 'ebay junk' it was a gift for my wife's mother who lives in Europe. I thought the comment was unprofessional. Here's where my more significant complaint comes in. This clerk who gets to know her customers very well, remembering things about everyone. For example, I returned a pair of sneakers one day to Nike, then the following week my wife returned a pair of shoes and she said "didn't you just ship shoes back", that was about a month ago and so what if I did? Here is the kicker, I had a watch to return to China it was $125.00 and it stopped ticking after a month so I was told to return it to the company. I went in to the office, purchased a box and some bubbl-wrap, closed the box and filled out a customs form and handed it to her. She didn't ask me if I needed tracking? or Insurance? Or anything! She just charged me for 1st Class International on my debit card, which means I have zero coverage if something goes wrong with my package in transit. ZERO! After this woman swiped my card, she threw my box into a carton on the floor and handed me my card back and said "next". I put the receipt in my pocket as I don't really know that much about all the products the USPS has. I mean why would any courier company no automatically insure packages at least up until $100.00 worth? Oh I'll tell you why, because the USPS would charge you for rent if you were on line longer than an hour. The USPS is a horrible way to ship anything! I explained my situation when guess what? Yeah when I found out after 2 months later that the company NEVER got my watch! I trie to trace the shipment, but NOTHING! I couldn't do nothing with my receipt and so I demanded to speak with the management and all I got there were phone numbers to call.. One phone number was to track packages which I obviously cannot do.. the other phone # for consumer affairs gave me more phone #'s one of which was also to track a package? It looks like I lost my money despite paying a fee to have it shipped to china which came to almost $10.00. This lady is a complete lazy unprofessional joker who appears to be crying out loud for retirement! How do I know the lady's dad was in the hospital? Because she told me to hurry filling out my customs form so she could go visit her daddy in the hospital.. what the $%@%!!??? Keep your personal business to yourself an do your job in a way that protects me the consumer. I am filing complaints against this happy go lucky dummy and I sure do hope she gets disciplined! I'll post back up here what happenst with this situation, so far I have been offered no reimbursement and of course the clerk swears to her manager that she asked me if I wanted insurance and tracking.. So add "liar" to clown, joker, and happy-go-lucky.. She's a Happy-Go-Lucky, Clowning Joker and straight-faced LIAR! Wearing a USPS Uniform and taking money from people like me, who are people just like YOU, who are reading this.

May 27, 2008 10:36 PM

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