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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Regions Bank

Anonymous said...
Regions Bank

I have a serious problem with your bank and it's greedy, highly overpaid executives and shareholders. I was hit with a $105 OD charge overnight because of a pending charge dated today which I was told caused my available balance to not be enough to cover the three transactions that did actually post to my account last night. My ledger balance was enough to cover all but one check for $7.11. I'll give you the fact that that was an OD situation but not the other two. Unless you are all some kind of fortune tellers, how do you know that there was not going to be some kind of deposit made today, which there is by the way, a direct deposit no less, that will cover that particular item when it actually does hit the account. It would not surprise me if you return the $7 item and charge me another $30+ fee for a returned item. I spoke wither the branch manager this morning and was told that that should not happen but I'm not holding my breath because they have told us that before when we thought there might be a problem. We went into the branch and a CSR looked at the account and told us that everything was fine and there should not be any kind of charges but guess what? Yep, you got it there was, almost $200 worth the next morning. We went back to the branch manager, explained everything to her and she said that they would do something to correct it for us but guess what? Yep, you got it again, nothing was done and as it stands now, we are out over $300 to you and I hope you can sleep and have a good lunch, supper and what ever else while I sit here and try to figure out what to sell in order to try to recover some of this money so that the 4 of us can eat and my daughters don't go to school hungry and naked. This is not fair and just like the oil companies; you are just coating your pockets by stealing from the people who need it the most. Oh, and by the way, you cannot take it with you! I have until yet to see a coffin with an ATM or teller window in it! In addition, just some information on who you have stolen from this time, and this is not the first time you have done it to us, but it is really close to the last time for me. I became disabled about 7 year ago and can' work, my wife has to stay home to be with our two daughters and me. I have 15 bottles of medication that I have to take every day and my total drug costs for last year were $18,000. Yes, that is what I said, $18,000 just for medication. To you, $70, $105 or even $300 may not be a lot of money, but to me and my family it's groceries, gas to go to the doctor, medication or needs for my children and their education. Think about that as you continue to take, take, take and wonder what it would be like to loose all of your current income and have to live on Social Security disability payments for the rest of your life once you finally get it. You can call me on 205-789-8839 or respond via email and I will get back to you if I am not available when you call. A very close cousin that I grew up with and was as much another brother to me as a cousin, was found dead on Saturday morning in the woods near where he was working on Friday.

Thanks again for taking my money! I hope you sleep easy because I can’t and haven’t been able to for over 7 years now! If you do sleep without guilt, shame or anything else at this present moment in time, please remember this letter, it’s message and your life when it gets turned upside down in the blink of an eye!

Sincerely, honestly and truthfully,
Rick Crouch

On March 24, 2008, my wife, my daughters and I went to the Regions Bank, Oneonta office to inquire about our account regarding any possible overdraft charges that may be pending due to a deposit not posting on that date. We were told that everything had paid and no charges were scheduled to hit the account. We went home and on the next morning, 03/25/08, we were hit with $198 in overdraft charges putting us into a deep hole plus all of the check that "had paid" the day before with no charges pending on the prior day per a branch CSR. We then went back to the branch on 3/25 and spoke with the Assistant Branch Manager who stated that the CSR had not looked at the propor screen and gave us false information. She stated that they were a "pay all bank" and the information the day before was incorrect and they would do whatever was necessary to correct the problem/error. Her last words were "we will take care of you". Their form of "taking care of you", should be, "we will take care of us (Regions)". I got to doing a little more looking and watching and have discovered that they charge a fee just because your "projected balance" may go negative over night due to check card transcations eventhough nothing was returned and your "ledger balance" remained positive or would have if they hadn't taken a fee out for nothing. They have no idea wheather a deposit will or will not be made which would not cause a true negative balance at all. This has happened on many occasions even with direct deposits there to cover the negative "projected balance". This has caused many, many problems and headaches for me and I'm sure others and I might as well not even get the Stimulas Payment from the government because they will take it all. All that stimulates is the pockets of Regions and their executives. They only care about themselves because they have not followed through with any promises to us, I am disabled and have little money anyway but even less because of this practice.

Personal banking services specifically the process/procedure of charging Overdraft/NSF fees when the account actually has money in it. It's almost like they can see the future and see that a deposit is not going to be made when actually, on many occasions, there has, even a direct deposit.

May 8, 2008 6:43 AM

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