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Monday, May 19, 2008

Bada Bing, Ben Morgan (aka Ben Marinoff),

Nanci Meek said...
We invested in a show called Bada Bing that Ben Morgan (aka Ben Marinoff) was producing in Las Vegas along with what we later found out were several other investors. He NEVER paid his actors or his investors and when we asked to be refunded as per the contract we signed he disappears. He owes a total of $49,000 to several investors. This is how he survives He DOES NOT work He was sued by David Saxe at the Planet Hollywood and LOST. The guy writes bad checks and has several people looking for him He is 5'7" black hair (dye job) slight build His last residence in Vegas was at his mother's condo near Tenaya and Lake Mead. His girlfriend who poses as a show girl is not to be trusted She is his accomplice. If you see or hear the name of a show called "Bada Bing" RUN as fast as you can or e mail us with the information Thank you

May 19, 2008 8:00 AM


  1. I spoke with a couple who ordered tickets to the BadaBingShow on the internet through the web site and there is NO SHOW. Someone from the site, probably Ben Morgan charged their credit card and they never retrieved their money. This guy really is a scam artist I heard he was in jail in Las Vegas and has oustanding debts to various bars and restaurants for writing bounced checks. BUYER BEWARE of this guy and whatever you do DON'T invest with him...he is always looking for show investors and then POOF he is gone. He should be locked up.

  2. Hats Off to Mr. Badabing

    I happened to come accross this comment about Mr. Ben Morgan, Producer of the Las Vegas Dinner Show Badabing. It never fails when someone wants to be a star they think they can buy their way in and when they stink its not there fault but the producer who gave them a shot. And I love the slander that Mr. Morgan never paid the actors in the show. The man must be an incredible producer if all those actors worked for nothing for I think almost 7 years.

    I have know several Las Vegas Show Producers and when the investors and acts dont get enough attention for whatever reason the have to attempt to lie about them.


    Ed Collins

  3. I am trying to find Mr. Ben Morgan. In 2003 he gave me an opportunity of a lifetime to sing and perform in the Badabing show in Las Vegas.
    i was with the show for over a year and was signed to perform in Chicago the Musical for six months and have been in 3 major productions in the u.s. and I owe it all to Ben Morgan who gave me my first break. thanks ben I also owe him almost $2000 for helping me pay hospital bills when no one else would so please email me if you know how I can reach him

  4. Dear Ed and Kirk

    We cannot be talking about the same person This guy owes several people in the thousands, and recently was released from Jail Occasionally I speak with people he owes money to who tell me they get calls from the Jail downtown and it is always Ben Morgan Ben Marinoff If you think the guy is so honest find him and offer him a job And Kirk? Helping you with hospital bills? with whose money? NOT HIS!

  5. Hey Anonymous, whats the matter , afraid to use your Name? or are you a wanna be staar leke nmeeks who thinks they can buy there way into being a performer in a hit show in Vegas and when you suck then you blame it on someone else or are you already a star? because if you are then you wouldn't be such an a hole like nmeeks.


  6. If Ben Morgan were not a scam artist he would have a show Nancy Meeks is probably still working and I don't blame her for giving people a heads up on this guy Wish more people would come to this site and expose all the other rip off people in Vegas and every where else This guy Ben Morgan was involved with Tony Sacco and I am sure Tony Sacco probably stays away from his as well I heard Ben Morgan used peoples credit cards and was still in jail

  7. To all of you harassing the people who spoke the truth about Ben, maybe you should do some of your own research before you knock them. I was cast as the lead in the show a few years back myself. No, I was NOT an investor...I got the part on my own merits. We rehearsed for about a month and a half, with no pay as well, in which during that time he was constantly looking for investors, even going to some of the cast and asking them if they wanted to "invest" in the show.

    During that time, he was in debt to the venue over a large food and drink tab of his own, somewhere in the tune of 2k. Also, former cast members had contacted us and politely warned us to be careful. Suddenly, Ben vanished. Nobody could reach him. The show was dead. My question to you, is why would a "real" producer just vanish from a show after prepping for almost two months and being a week away from opening? My only guess...he had his money. :(

    Now, mind you...I don't deny that he had this show up and running quite well at one time. However, his habits got the best of him I believe, and drew that curtain closed. Since then, he has rode on the coattails of his former success, but never was able to stay straight enough to breath life back into what could be a great show. Ben, AKA Cousin Vinnie...its time to get straight and fix these problems.

    Oh, and just to satisfy your curiosities...I am now a working actor in NYC. Nothing BIG as of yet, but at least I get paid for the work I do now.

  8. I can't believe that someone had nerve enough to put Mr. Morgan down and make such ludicrous accusations. Whoever you are NMEEKS you truly must think your g-ds gift to showbusiness. I have known Mr. Morgan for over 30 years and not only was he nominated for Man of the Year in Las Vegas in 1988, received several Proclamations from Nevada Mayors and Govs., received 2 Proclamations from past Presidents and oh, lets not forget received the honor in 2005 when the Mayor gave him the Key to the City. Oh yea, I think I remember he was also inducted into who's who in America for his work and contreibution to the Entertainment Industry.

    Did I mention that his father was the head of the Entertainment Union for many years, so he learned fropm the best. I know I knew his father Jack Morgan very well.

    Ben Morgan has represnted everybody from the Bee Gees to The Jackson Family, Produced hundreds of production shows, Casted movies such as King Kong and Purple Reign as well as rrepresenting such Stars from Europe such as myself. In my hayday I was considered the Bob Hope of England, but that was another time. I since have become a novelist, publishing numerous successful mystery novels aand guess what? Ben Morgan was the inspiration for one of my successful novels where the main character was a spy but on a daily basis was a talent agent, Ben Morgan. It only takes one spiteful person to destroy 40 years of work with one paragraph, that my friends is truly sad. I hope whoever this NMEEKS is has the integrity to know that no one is perfect or maybe I am wrong because NMEEKS thinks they are.

    I am only sorry that I did not come accross this sooner as Ben Morgan aka Ben Marinoff is one of the finest people you will ever meet and his knowledge of the Entertainment Industry is unsurpassed.

    My name is Mike Winters, Comedian, MC, Writer, Star of Stage and Screen and Honored by the Queen herself lay down my Sword to my peer Ben Morgan.

  9. It breaks my heart to have to "warn" others about Ben morgan based on his previous actions. However, we are not the only people he has RIPPED OFF. He took the credit card of another person and stood at a gas station filling up tanks for people for half price, keeping the cash money for himself. It wasn't until the victims received their gas credit card bill that they realized what he had done THAT IS NOT A FRIEND. Helping someone with hospital bills? I would like to think that is true but I doubt it. He owes so many vendors in Vegas money that he ended up in jail two years ago for credit card fruad and running up a $7,000 tab at a restaurant/bar on Sahara called Bugsys. To everyone who posted here supporting Ben...I hope you are right and he has seen the light and changed his ways. If he has then why hasn't he paid back the money he owes to people? Sorry the memory of his father is tainted. Jack Morgan was a legend in show business. And you are wrong about NANCY MEEKS.........I am her and I have worked in several Vegas productions as well as productions in California and in film and TV As for Mike Winters? What an amazing writer Judged by your posting you are versed in fiction and should pursue your talent.


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